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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Trusting God for Finances

Anna Higareda - 04/28/2010

Hello, Brother Eells.

This is the first time I have written you. The Lord has put it on my heart to send you a great THANK YOU, as I am sitting here listening to your teaching, Wilderness Living Now.

My husband, Jon, has written you an email once before regarding a dream he had and you actually spoke about it in one of your teachings. My husband and I have been listening and learning from your teachings and reading your books now for about two years and we have recently been brought to a point of weakness and have been forced to live in the "wilderness", as you speak of in your teachings. I wanted to send you a great THANK YOU; it is because of the good Lord and your teachings that we have learned to live by pure faith and we have also been able to teach our kids to look to God and thank HIM every day.

Your stories of faith and your life experiences have really inspired us and given us all the more faith to trust in the Lord for everything we need. As a matter of fact, besides your ministry, my husband received word to be faithful to one other here in Campbell, CA. He was helping at the ministry last Thursday evening (he helps set up and take down all the technical stuff) and when they were taking down and putting things away, one of the elders told him, "I just had a vision, out of nowhere, that you were putting on your coat and it was made of money". So my husband said, "Hmm, wow, that's pretty neat!" Then he continued on with putting things away and the elder told him, "Jon, well ...?!" So my husband looked dumbfounded and the elder motioned for him to feel his pockets. So he put his hands back in his coat and he felt paper; it was a $100 bill in his coat pocket! My husband was shocked and in disbelief because it wasn't too long before that that he had had his hands in his pockets and his pockets were empty. My brother-in-law was also there that night and my husband asked him, "Did you do this?" He said, "No way. I couldn't have done that. I only brought $4 with me tonight". Then my husband asked the elder the same question and the response was, "I didn't do that; I guarantee!"

This was truly amazing, Brother Eells, because no one knew we had been going through any type of financial struggle. We kept it all to ourselves and that morning I got my paycheck and my entire check was gone in bills. What was left over after bills was $266 and I thought to myself, "That's funny. I thought we would have $366 left over yesterday after bills. There is no way we could make it with this amount until the next time I get paid". I ended up with $100 less than I thought I would have after bills. Then I talked to God at my work desk and told him, "Lord, I know you have provided many times before and I have faith you will provide again for my family, so I am not going to worry; it's in your hands!" I thanked God and moved forward with my day and then that night the Lord put that extra $100 in my husband's pocket at the ministry.

I saw my brother-in-law two days later and he asked, "Did Jon tell you about what happened at the ministry with his jacket?!" I replied, "Yes, isn't that amazing!" Then he said, "I know! Jon asked if one of us had put it in his pocket, but I am telling you, Anna, there is no possible way that anyone put that money in his pocket that night". I then told him and his wife about the rest of the testimony and they said, "Thank you, Jesus!" :) God is amazing!

So I want to say thank you so very much for all the hard work you do for HIS kingdom; it is truly inspiring! My family and I have been abundantly blessed to have come across your ministry two years ago! Thank you and I wish you and your family all the best!

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