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Dear friends,

Please send all prayer requests to Elders@unleavenedbreadministries.org and a member of our intercessor prayer team will be glad to pray for you!

I hope that you will take advantage of our site search and the many audios, videos and articles for answers to your questions. Also, our fine ministries listed below will serve you in many capacities. If it is truly important, the elders in the Bible Counsel & Prayer Ministry will serve you.

I regret that I am compelled to minimize communications, for I love to fellowship with you, but along with other responsibilities I am working day and night to get books out and to prepare for the radio and TV ministry. 

Thank you for prayerful consideration.

Love from your servant in Christ,

David Eells

Please follow the links below for information about the contacts and emails.

Read the page to find out how you can be helped by these contacts.

Administration, Elders, Counsel, etc.

Technical Support


Outreach Teleconference Ministry

Prayer Ministry

TV Ministry

Music Ministry

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Bible Tracts

Set the Captives FREE Prison Ministry

Free Teaching Materials

Check our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your questions are answered.


Prayer Ministry

Please share your need for prayer as simply as possible with our elders (elders@unleavenedbreadministries.org), who will pray for you and forward it to the prayer ministers. Thank you for your consideration.

Note: Our experience has been that, just as only one of the 10 lepers returned to give glory to Jesus for his healing, so it is with the Prayer Ministry. When you get a testimony, please share it with these faithful brethren to encourage them.

Site Technical Support

Having problems with the site? Please email techsupport@ubm1.org for any technical assistance or to report broken links, etc.

Please be as specific as possible so the problem can be resolved quickly. Thank you.

If the Internet's domain name servers ever go down, you will not be able to reach any website by its domain name (like ubm1.org). Instead, you will have to know each website's IP address. For example, UBM's IP address is (updated 9/3/19) and our mirror site's IP is This would need to be entered into your browser's address bar in place of a domain name, as such: We also have a phone number (712-770-9464) we will use to leave recorded messages, if possible. Make sue you're on our e-list so we can always reach you by email.

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