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Website Back-up

All of the pages on the UBM website, all of our audios and all of our books are available for download to run locally on your computer. Please download a copy periodically; they will be vital to have in the event the Internet or our website are ever shut down.

Below is a copy of the README file that is included with the UBM website back-up zip file. Please read it before downloading.

Click here to download the .zip file of all of the pages from the UBM website. Visit our Free Teaching Materials page to download all of our audios and books.


Readme File for Localized UBM Website Backup/Archive [Initial Release Date: 2010-05-16]

Current Version: 1.0.2 (2013-03-23)

This file is still under construction and may change form in the future. Be sure to check this file first for changes, modifications and other pertinent information.


This backup archive contains a snapshot of our Website "HTML content" which is then converted so you can browse it on your local computer without being connected to the Internet.

The content includes all the Web pages we have on our site; we do not have audio or video files in this zip file - you can access and download these files through their respective pages. (The book PDFs can be downloaded in a zip archive file from our Website.)

NOTE: After following the instructions below, you can browse the localized Website; please note that some links WILL NOT work because the respective files are not included in the archive due to size constraints. Also, while you can browse the localized version and be connected to the Internet at the same time, we advise you to use the Internet version while connected to the Internet to avoid any confusion.


1) Unzip the contents of this archive into a place on your local file system. Be sure to remember where you are unzipping the zip file.

2) Browse the Web structure locally by clicking on the "index.htm" file located in the directory created when you unzipped the file. This should launch your default browser and bring up the UBM Website. Use your browser to navigate the Web content as you would if you were navigating on our Internet server. NOTE: To go back to a previous page, you will need to use the BACK button on your browser.

3) You can burn the root directory structure to a CD and/or DVD using various CD/DVD burning programs for your platform. Make sure you burn it as a data CD or DVD so you can use it on your computer as a browsable file system.

4) The Website backup zip is updated nightly, so be sure to check periodically to get the latest update.

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