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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Toxic Air & Rain Poisoning All Life

While we may not necessarily agree with all the views presented by the writers in the following articles, together they paint a clear picture of what is happening: Gulf residents and all life are being quietly poisoned while being told everything is safe. It's so bad that many are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. Check back often, as new posts are added to the bottom of the list.

US health and refugee humanitarian crisis

Toxic rain across America for 'Core Exit'

Gulf eyewitness testimonies of coughing up blood and other horror stories

Calls from sick flood radio station. Tx pipeline explodes

Medical staff poorly treat 1000's suffering, gassed with poisons

What extra oil-gas pressure is doing to Louisiana

Federal forecasters say peak of hurricane season will be busy

Terror in Deep South for Agenda 21 Disinformation, depopulation

Land Surveyor proves Simmons right. TV well sham.

Bold Hollywood move to give poisoned people a voice

The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving MUST READ!

ALERT: 13.3 ppm of COREXIT found INLAND, near Florida border - Chemist says tests show "toxic solvent" 2-butoxyethanol that "RUPTURES red blood cells" (VIDEO & PHOTOS) MUST READ!

The Oil Disaster Is Not Over
1 (1:00:58)
2 * (39:28)
3 * (47:48)
4 * (20:28)
* Recorded 8/11/10, 8/15/10 and 8/18/10, respectively

Fishermen find oil and dispersants on Mississippi shrimping and oyster grounds

Most Oil Still on Sea Floor

"There's Still Tons of Oil"

Deadly denial of 'Core Exit'. Evacuations. Griff's Agenda 21 facts.

Corexit poisoning swimming pools, absorbed through skin

Oil continues, even after the cameras left

BP dispersants 'causing sickness'

Kindra Arnesen Suffering from Health Problems from BP Oil Spill!

Riki Ott: 'People Now Dropping Dead' in the Gulf

Gulf Oil Spill: Mission Accomplished or Ongoing Crisis?

Gulf Coast Dolphin Death Toll Rising

Oil-related sicknesses in the Gulf - Fox News did a report on the many sicknesses showing up in the Gulf population with oil-related materials in their blood but they have not put it in text as yet.

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