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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Lord Sold Our Car

Michele Weber - 10/02/2008

My husband felt led to sell one of our cars and so we prayed and asked the Lord to help us do so. Monday we posted an ad online and were asking $7300. We had one call that day and the person was supposed to come and look at it but they never showed up. We got a little discouraged but decided not to let the enemy have a foothold and so that night we went back to the Lord and asked Him to send someone of His choice to buy the car and to have them give us the amount that the Lord desired, not what we wanted, and to let His will be done.

The next morning we got a call from a very nice gentleman and he wanted to come and look at the car. We set up a time and waited. AsI waited, I felt in my spirit to ask the Lord for this man to be the buyer and to give us an even $7000. (I did also ask for the full price in prayer but I felt strongly about the even $7000.)

So I asked the Lordfor that specific number. I told my husband this and we then prayed in agreement.

A little while later the man showed up as plannedand looked at the car. He was pleased but noticed something might be wrong with the steering wheel. I had no idea about itso I called Michael and he was more than happy to have it fixed before sellingthe carto this man. After all was said and done, the man offered us $7000 even. I could feel the peace from the Lord and knew immediately that the Lord sent him and that He was in control of the whole situation. The Lord even put it on the man's heart to buy the car as is, so we didn't have to pay for the repairs and wereceived the full $7000, just as the Lord showed me. PTL!

Later, after checking our emails, I saw that we had an offer for much less and not many others were even interested. Not to mention Michael had done some research and noticed that cars are not selling quickly or for very much money lately, sothat gave us all the more reason to give the Lord the glory, knowing without a doubt that He took care of this wholesituation! This really strengthened our faith!!!

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