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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Lord, Our Provider

Greg & Anne Kohls - 12/03/2010

I hope this testimony is as much of an encouragement to those of UBM as it has been to our family. I am very grateful for God leading us to this ministry, for my faith has taken root and I am learning the full truth of the Gospel for the first time in my life! Although I must say that God was already at work in my life before coming to UBM, for this was merely the confirmation I needed of what He was showing me. This ministry took me to an even deeper level.

I remember one day while I was driving that I began thinking over our finances and wondering how we were going to make ends meet with our oldest son now in his first year of college. Our van was over 10 years old and, although it ran well, was getting close to needing to be replaced. Right then I just said, "Lord, we are going to need a new van soon and I do not know how we are going to afford it. Could you please provide a van for us; I don't know, maybe through Greg's dad or something?" Well, about two weeks later, I saw my father-in-law and he said to me, "Oh, I happened to be talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned in conversation that he wanted to trade his van in for a new car but he wasn't going to get much for it. I saw what a great van it was and decided to offer him a little more than the trade-in price and he took it! Have Greg go down and pick it up!" When my husband drove in the driveway with this new-looking van with only 50,000 miles on it, I was in awe! This was more than a van; it was a gift from God Himself!

Later on, I started hearing more and more about the economy and began wondering, 'Lord, we need to pay our house off. Could you help us be really disciplined and work really hard to do it within a few years?' ... knowing that would be a miracle in itself. Well, that was in October. At Christmas time (of which I am not really a fan of), my mom and stepdad and brother's family came for a visit and my parents asked just the adults to come for a meeting in the livingroom. They began to unfold the story of how my sister-in-law had been watching the French news (they are living in France) and saw that the French could be entitled to funds if they had been victims of atomic fallout. She wondered if this would be the case in the States as well and asked my mom to check it out. Yes, she found it to be true. (My dad had been exposed to atomic bomb testing in Nevada and later died of leukemia.) She then handed us a check that covered most of our house payment! About three months after that, I asked the Lord to help us get out of our family stock club which I did not like since we were unequally yoked with unbelievers. Due to family circumstances, everyone unanimously voted to cancel the stock club and cash in our earnings. This was the exact amount we needed to not only pay off the house, but also pay cash for my daughter's braces! Itdidn't take years to pay it off; it was a matter of months! All the while during this year, we somehow had enough to cover the college tuition! It seems to me that God is providing His children for what is to come and for us to not lose heart but to trust in His sovereignty and to be strengthened in spirit.

I know we have many challenges yet up ahead but God is faithful to meet our every need as we continually surrender our lives unto His. It was also during this time that we had left the local church and God miraculously led our family home to worship together under the teaching of David and the Unleavened Bread Ministries. I can see the transformation taking place in our household. Again, I am so very grateful for all of you. May this be an encouragement to you to "lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight".

It is important to mention that none of these needs had been spoken of to anyone beforehand so it was purely a blessing from God and my father-in-law is definitely not in the habit of buying cars for people, nor did our family or extended family ever think we would receive retroactive pay for something that happened so long ago! "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory!" It makes it a great object lesson for the times ahead to, 'Trust in Thee'.

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