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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Thanks for the Gas, Lord!

Patricia Corrales - 12/05/2010

Hello, Brother Eells. Last Wednesday I had something happen to me, which I have heard many brethren testify about, including yourself in some of your teachings. I have to commute every day to work about 42-43 miles. Tuesday night I was stressing about how I would make it to work, as my gasoline was just at the empty line. I was thinking of asking my sister to let me borrow money, but a thought came to mind of how I can just ask the LORD to provide that gasoline I needed so much to make it to work. I have heard so many testimonies of how the LORD has done this over and over again. I believe HE does this all the time; I just never had the faith to walk by it myself.

Well, morning came on Wednesday and I prayed in faith knowing that He would provide and thanked Him like it had already happened -- just how you say to in your teachings. So I went along my morning just like any other morning, I got the kids in the van and dropped them at the babysitter's about a mile away from my house. From there I started driving to work. I drove those 42 miles thanking and praising God for providing that gasoline for me. I made it to work and got my check but I needed to cash it.

I don't have a bank account so I had to drive to the nearest bank in Union City -- 12 miles to Cathay Bank (bank the company uses) to cash my check. I started getting tested in my faith; thoughts started filling my head with "what if's".

Well, as soon as I exited the freeway where I was supposed to and as soon as I got to the stop light, my car turned off! My first thought was, ok, now I have to wait until it's safe to push the van out of the way; then I prayed again. I said, "Lord, You said You would provide and I still need this van to work. I have a check but no cash. So, Lord, please get me to where I need to be".

After praying, another thought came to mind: "turn it on". So I did and it started. Praise God! I don't know if you have ever been in a car that turns off because it's out of gasoline. Well, I have and to my experience they don't turn on until you put some gasoline in them. My destination was about two miles from there. On the way there, the van turned off two more times; each time I would turn the ignition and it would start with no problem. I made it to the bank and cashed my check but now I had money and no gasoline.

I had to drive to the nearest gas station which was about half a mile, maybe less. I got back in my van and it started with out a problem, so I drove off the shopping center, turned ontothe street and started heading to the gas station. I saw the nearest gas station which was Shell. Well, as soon as I drove onto the lot, the van turned off for the last time. Although it turned off, I didn't step on the brake; I just let it drive until I made it right next to the pump..

It is just so amazing how our Father provides for us each and every time. I am filled with awe because I know there is no way I could have made it to work, then to the bank and finally to the gas station, if it had not been because of our Father. I drive a minivan and with where my gasoline was there is NO way I would have driven those 50+ miles on an empty tank.

I felt led to share my testimony with you, brother. Thank you for your teachings. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you.

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