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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Super-Natural Car Mishap

Sandy Shaw - 01/01/2015

One summer, two years ago, my friend Audrey and I were delivering newspapers. We came to this house off the highway that has a circular driveway. This driveway came out to the highway. We pulled out to the highway and when I stopped, my flip-flop sandal got stuck to the accelerator pedal and pushed it down. The car moved forward halfway onto the highway and then Audrey screamed. I looked outside the window on the driver's side and a car was about to hit us, square into the driver's side of the car. But the car passed right through our car. We watched it going away from us and the car never swerved to miss us, the brake lights never came on and the car kept going as if we weren't even seen by them.

Immediately, my mind said, that couldn't happen, that had to have been a near miss! Audrey opened her eyes and asked, "What happened? That car should have hit us!" I countered with, "It came close, but it obviously didn't hit us! God's angels were around us and apparently granted us traveling mercies!"

That night God gave me a dream of what happened. I could see Audrey and myself in the car. I saw everything just like it happened. But in the dream I was watching everything from above the car. That car went right through us, as if we weren't even there. We were invisible to the other car!

So, I give God the glory for His traveling mercies! Amen!

Note from David: Sandy and Audrey shared this miracle with our assembly right after it happened.I believe it because it happened to Michael Hare and myself and my mind questioned it in the same way. Listen to Super-Natural (the spelling here emphasizes the spiritual being above and in control of the natural).

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