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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

"Start, in the Name of Jesus"

Mark Bevan - 08/4/2011

Karie and I were scheduled to go to a wedding for a distant friend. Karie had made the commitment to go and did not want to let her down. Unfortunately, neither of us really wanted to go, to the point that we felt led to pray about it. I asked the Lord to give us some reason for going, since it was an hour drive both ways. When we arrived, which ended up being so late we missed the whole wedding ceremony, I asked her if there would be anyone else there we knew. Just as I was saying this, over walks a good friend, Wendy, whom we know from church. Wendy has been on my heart lately, since she is a strong Christian woman who is looking for more of God but just isn't being fed. Her husband was just baptized in our pool about a week earlier.

The whole time we were there, I was witnessing to Wendy about faith and the power of agreement in prayer. It was a wonderful conversation. When she decided to leave, Karie and I followed right behind her. After we said our goodbyes, we walked up the long drive to our car only to see Wendy walking back toward us, head down, dragging her feet. I asked her what was wrong. She told us her car wouldn't start. Now I had to hold back my excitement because the Lord was telling me to pray for the car and this was the perfect way to solidify what I was saying to her about faith. So I said, "Let's pray over it", all the while she was looking at me like I had two heads.

So I said a simple prayer as we all laid hands on the car. I then told her to give it a try. She got in, turned the key a few times and there was nothing but the click of the solenoid. She got out and was ready to call AAA for a tow.

I was slightly puzzled but told her to pop the hood so I could take a look. A brief look revealed nothing to me, so I asked Karie to get in and try it again so that I could hear what was clicking. As soon as she did, the spirit quickened me. I laid my hands on the radiator and commanded it to start in the name of Jesus. As soon as I said it, the car fired up on the first try. Wendy came running to the front of the car, asking what I had done. I said to her, "I commanded it to run in the name of Jesus". She was dumbfounded! I said, "Praise the Lord". As we were getting into our car, she passed us, stopping briefly to say, "I would wait for you to start your car, but somehow I don't think that will be a problem!"

The Lord turned something we didn't want to do into a wonderful testimony for all of us. However, we wondered if anything would have happened at all, if we had not asked Him to give us an opportunity to serve Him in the first place. What a blessing it is to have an awesome God!

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