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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Sin Fell Off Me

Michael Gracy, New Zealand - 03/19/2010

I was living and working in Japan when I first heard David speaking the real Gospel of Jesus. I was always looking into eschatology and prophecy because I reckon the Lord was softening me up to hear the truth and I reckon I was a bit afraid of the end, as I was not a very godly person, to say the least. One day, I'm not really sure how I found it, I was at The Edge Radio Show on the Internet and decided to listen to David in the archives. I had never heard of him, nor was I looking, to my knowledge, for anything he had to say, but the Lord led me to listen. Now, I was raised a Baptist and heard all that "fire and brimstone" from shouting, gesticulating and gasping old-time Baptist preachers and it never did that much for me. I've heard what the Catholics had to say, and the Anglicans, and the Methodists, and the Lutherans, and even some Pentecostals, but I never heard anyone speak with true power, authority and anointing, till I heard him speak that day on the computer. It knocked my socks off! I had never heard anything like it and it was shot through completely with the glow of TRUTH. It spoke to my heart.

I listened to all that he had to say and put it in my heart. It didn't lead me down the road right away to the crucified life and/or even a much closer walk with the Lord, but the seed had been planted. I was covered up with the cares of this wretched world and it probably took me about another year before I started going to the UBM website and listening to the audios and coming to the Paltalk meetings. I started listening and praying and seeking the Lord. I was devouring the teachings online with every free moment and I learned a great deal. I received the baptism of water and the Holy Spirit, and a lot (not all) of the sin of my past life just fell away. I sought prayer in faith and agreement from UBM to quit smoking and drinking to excess and it happened. My deliverance was not overnight, but all that stuff just withered on the vine over a period of weeks. I never even had any withdrawal symptoms. I just never smoked, nor did I want to smoke, another cigarette ever again. I know in my heart that all these things happened by the power of the risen Christ because I would never have been able to do it on my own. I had been a big smoker for almost 30 years and a big drinker for about as long. Try as I might, I was never able to give up those bad habits. But I praise God for His love and mercy on me. I've never been tempted to smoke another cigarette, ever. Nor do I ever get the feeling, "Oh, boy, do I need a drink!" It just doesn't happen. Praise His Name! Whenever I feel weak in my faith, I always hang on to the knowledge of my deliverance given by my loving Father, through His Son, our Lord Jesus.

I praise and thank the Lord for making UBM available to me or otherwise I would be totally without godly fellowship and instruction. I sometimes try to make contact with others in whatever area that I am living, but I never find anyone who is preaching, let alone living, in the resurrected power of Jesus and believes in a church that follows the pattern of the book of Acts. It is a dilemma. I wonder when I will be able to link up with other members of the Body and I know the Lord is showing me, with ever more urgency, that we are at the end of days. I have considered moving to Florida, to join up with the UBM assembly there, but I don't know that the Lord wants me to leave New Zealand, at least not yet.

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