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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Returning to God

Nathan Finney - 12/15/2008

I am 28 years old and was raised in an Assembly of God church by godly parents but I never read my Bible. At about age 12I began to fall away and by 16 I was totally fed up with church. I was dead inside and I didn't know why. I stopped going to church with my parents around 17 and began to seek out truth on my own through the Internet. My dad taught Bible prophecy classes and, although fed up with religion, I was interested in prophecy. So I looked up Koinonia Ministries on the Internet and from there I found John Loeffler's show called "Steel on Steel" and Dr. Stan Monteith's "Radio Liberty". I was astonished at what I heard and I was learning a lot.

Chuck Missler of Koinonia Ministries talked on Ezekiel's multi-dimensional vision of the four creatures and God's throne. I was totally intrigued so I began (for the first time) around 18 or 19 reading the Bible, specifically the book of Ezekiel. I read further on the idolatrous priests and the idols of their mind that they worshipped. Although I wasn't in the New Testament, the Word convicted me of the idols of my mind and the Lord began to work with me. I repented (2 Tim 2:25-26) of the pornography I was watching and got delivered from cigarettes. (I still have a problem with cigarettes but I was delivered at that time. I know and believe that smoking is harmful to the body but I still struggle with this.)

The Prophecy Club used to be broadcasted on a local AM radio station so I was familiar with them. I looked them up on the Web and began listening to their online recordings. I ran across a recording with David Eells and I was totally uplifted and blown away by what I heard. My spirit testified to the truth of what David was saying and I found out that David was to be in Dallas, Texas giving a talk at the Sterling Hotel on the end times. You'll have to ask David when that was because I don't remember but I think it was when I was about 22.

I walked into the room, talked with the Messianic Jews a little and then wandered over to the Prophecy Club's table whereon were all their books and materials. I picked up a book about the JFK assassination. I sat down in the back row and began to look through the book. David was in the room and had moved to the front of the room. I looked up from thumbing through the book and at David. David had a glorious light emanating from him. I continued to look at him for about a minute and still this glorious light was emanating from him. Anyway, after looking at this, I considered myself and how dark I felt inside.

I hope this testimony blesses you. It was that night (after the meeting) that I received the gift of speaking in tongues through the prayers and admonition of a couple who were at the meeting and were led to speak with me. That gift was used mightily in the four-year tribulation of torture that I would go through. I'm still going through it a little and the gift is still used. Through it and because of the teachings on unleavenedbreadministries.org and through reading my Bible, I have become a stronger Christian (Philippians 4:11-13) and it has been a good testimony to the tormentors and others.

I asked David (through the Paltalk Bible study) to pray for me that I receive dreams and visions and during the four years, the heaviest part of the trial, and I received many.

Thank you so much for your ministry and for staying in the Word and being a living testimony and oracle of God.

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