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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Provision After Crucifixion, Confession and Sacrifice

Chris Bland - 05/06/2009

On 3/23/09, I was wrongly penalized at work by my employer, and while trying to show why that penalty should not be applied against me, I was fired. The last words I spoke to my employer were that God would judge him. At the time, I felt right in what I said, but, as usual, God made it known to me how I had sinned. After a week of seeking the Lord without interruption, God gave me ears to hear what I was not hearing before. He wanted me to put Isaiah 53 into practice: be the one to receive unjust punishment without being shaken, so that my old life would suffer on his cross, breathe his last, be buried and resurrected into Christ's glorified life.

I listened to UBM's audios that explain suffering, such as Suffering: Learning Love. I heard these truths and understood them perfectly, but I did not immediately act. I studied some more. I knew what I did wrong and acknowledged to God that I had sinned by pronouncing judgment against the one who was wrongfully penalizing me, but I was not yet moved to confess my fault to him. But, after I read Garret Crawford's dream, Torment to Those Who Fight Back, I was immediately empowered by God's Spirit to pick up the telephone to confess my fault and ask for forgiveness, though not necessarily my job back. I told my ex-employer that I was wrong to pronounce judgment against him and that I should have let him penalize me, without objection, while praying that God would not hold this sin against him, as Stephen did in Acts 7. I was received well, because all that mattered to me was purifying myself from my own sin. I knew after I got off the phone that God was and is preparing me to manifest His Son, which is my one and only goal.

What followed that conversation is the glorious miracle that led me to testify. On the night of 5/04/09, I heard one powerful audio after another at the UBM website. Those audios, especially Want to Reap/Sow, were what God led me to hear so that I would know what He wanted me to do with my final paycheck that I received from that job. God wants me to plant the seed He gave me, the entire paycheck, which contains the penalty that I objected to receiving, and let it die in the earth, even though I had no idea how I would earn enough to pay this month's rent. If I would do this, then a tree of life would be the result, the tree whose fruit one may eat from and never die! I knew I must put to death the temptation to eat the seed and settle for a fruitless result (famine, pestilence, physical death, etc.) thereafter. What a powerful motivation I received to take the action that followed, an action that left me without any money, except a few coins. This would have been impossible to do if the Scripture were not true that says, {Rom.10:17} So belief cometh of hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. I heard God's Word from Brother David's mouth, and God supplied the faith I needed to make this an easy action to take, and I slept knowing that my bills and other needs would be taken care of.

I will not share the action that was taken, but on 5/05/09 I obeyed, and then at 1:00 AM, late at night, my telephone rang while I was studying. It was my ex-employer who had just fired me. He called, just as if he never fired me, to ask me if I was working anywhere. I said I was not and he asked me if I would help him tomorrow and the rest of the week. I told him I would and he explained that he might have to have to go to the doctor because of a sickness. I don't yet know the details, but I hope God did not make him sick because of my own words; I renounced that judgment!

The conversation left me seeing God completely in control WHEN I BELIEVE. All I want is to dwell in Zion where the Lord dwells. He has given me the faith to believe for things I once spoke against in ignorance, but now, I expect to see Him and manifest His Son 100-fold. I look for the day when God's people do not work for man to provide food, water, shelter, clothing, etc., but for God alone, who sent Christ's disciples out without money in their bags and yet met their needs out of heaven. I anticipate being in the first-fruits, through whom God feeds thousands the Bread of Life. I anticipate eating from that tree of life which Revelation 2 promises to him who overcomes. What God taught me when I read Isaiah 53, I anticipate its complete manifestation in me! So be it! I pray that your faith is strengthened, as mine has been.

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