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Prayer and Patience Produce Provision

Melody - 09/18/2012

It has been on my heart as of yesterday to write this praise report.

One year ago exactly as of yesterday, my son Nathan and his friends Sean and Austin moved two provinces away, which is about 1800 miles from us. They didn't have much money and their vehicle broke down upon reaching their destination. It was starting to get cold and they were just wandering. (They all know the Lord but I sometimes wondered how well.)

Anyhow, I put in a prayer request to UBM for them. After exhausting all their funds at a motel, they had no place to live. Here are the answers the Lord has provided, right after I sent the prayer request.

A family took them in, in exchange for some chores and babysitting. Well, even though they were not a Christian family, the Lord used that situation to meet their needs and also help them to meet others' needs and to really open their eyes.

Shortly after that, Austin and Sean got jobs as cooks in a hotel restaurant. Then Nathan got a job with a large company and was hired to weld various equipment as was needed (he always liked welding but is not ticketed).

Not long after, the mother of a friend he worked with wanted to move into a facility for seniors. So the boys helped her move a couple hours away. They had purchased an older truck by then and she didn't want to leave her house empty, so she rented it to the boys for $250 a month; that is unheard of. Rent for a three-bedroom home with double car garage should go for $1100-$1200 a month. In exchange, the boys look after some of her belongings which she stores in the basement and bring her anything she needs when she asks; they've also built shelves for her at her new place and look after the flower gardens.

Last July, my husband, Shawn, and I went to visit our son and his friends and while they were at work. We started working in the flower gardens at the boys' greatly subsidized home from the Lord. An elderly neighbor lady came out to talk to us. She said she would love to help but she was feeling very ill. Shawn asked her if we could pray for her and she said yes. After we finished, she started to tear up and said she felt better almost immediately! She is a retired nurse. Imagine how she tended to others' hurts for years. Our Jesus wanted to minister to her. It is just amazing how far the prayers reach and probably reach even further than we know!

Sean exchanged his job for a better one a few months ago with better pay and working hours. Yesterday, our son called to say that he just started working his first day at a new place, the same place Sean is working at. They really needed a welder and couldn't find a ticketed one, so because he passed their welding test on the interview the previous week, they are putting him in at millwright wages, which he told us was $27 an hour. These are amazing answers to the prayer I asked for these boys one year ago.

Because of the great feeling of need of prayer I had at that moment for these wandering boys, I then became a prayer partner, as well; it's so exciting to know our prayers make a difference and our God is so wonderful. I know that sometimes people expect instant or quick answers but His answers and timing are important, not only for our needs but the character He wants to develop in us. I can surely see His hand in all of this and I wanted to share this praise report and to encourage all you prayers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God richly bless you all.

The scripture on my heart is: (Eph.3:20) Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us ...

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