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Miscellaneous Poetry 1

Poetry of Cinda Berard
Jesus, I Trust in You!
"I will cover your foolishness no more.
Put me first and I will raise you up
Into new ways in Me.
Look not on the old
Look to the new.
I will refresh him
Who remains in Me.
I long for consistency
For faithfulness.
Do not set your goals.
No - Just allow yourself to be yielded
And willing and I will use you.
Once I have spoken
And make Myself and ways known,
Be Obedient to me.
Time is not a luxury.
It is a tool,
A stepping stone
From one miracle to another.

Do not be a hindrance to others.
Do not be found wavering
Or rolling like a wave.
Be found steady, solid, unmovable.
Know who I am
Know who you are.
Do not let anyone steal your crown,
Your Salvation.
I am a Jealous God.
I desire to be first.
Be careful of putting others before Me.
You will be misunderstood
But that will turn around
When time shows my favor on you.
People who scoffed at you
Will ask of you the Love
That flows from me
Through you to them.

I seek a Bride without spot or wrinkle.
How hard it is for those who are married
Or have a family.
Their time is divided. Pray for them.
Pray for families, for children.
More is required of you
For I am your Husband.
You belong to Me.
Your time is not divided
So you can give more.
So why do you ignore me
When I call?
You grieve Me.
You spurn my Love so deep.
Life is well and good in its place,
But it must never replace Me
The Author of Life.

It is because I love you
That I scold you.
I ask discipline, loyalty.
I ask Love of you.
When I can live in you
And through you,
Then you are truly alive.
Otherwise you are the walking dead,
The tossing waves,
The clouds without rain.
And I will judge them.
They show much but offer nothing.

Better that you judge yourself now
And let Me correct you,
Than I judge you in Eternity.
Many goats will say they did things
In My name,
And I will say I never knew them.
What you do to others -
You do to Me.
Do you not understand this?
Lift your hands in prayer
And surrender
In Worship - Magnify Me.
Surrender to Me.
Lose yourself in Me.
I will open your understanding
Of who I Am,
And who you are".

~ Jesus


Poetry of Sarah Hunt
Never Give Up
'Never Give Up' you've heard before
How can it be said if we have not read
The Source of Love itself does give
The strength it takes to just endure

Endurance is not an easy word
To experience it, is just absurd
To many a mind fixed on short term
But for those who seek the truth is heard

Face the pain and see it through
To know sometimes is not enough
To live and give is all it takes
For life to move forward, on and up

Hope endures all things it says
We pray for hope that last all days
For hope itself is hard to find
When stuck in perpetual grind

A freedom comes through knowing You
He Who Is and Was and Whose
Name is written in your souls
Open up to let it breathe

Endure all things is not a chore
A gift is yours when He enters the door
Eternal life of love and joy
Is yours to have when choosing life

I am the Way, the Truth and Life
He said with kindness in His heart
And offers a way to make it through
With just enough of Him for you

Have courage, my friends, life is sometimes hard
We can endure, we have that heart

Poetry of Bill Garthwaite
An Eternal Nightmare
I had a dream the other night,

   And woke up soaked with sweat.

Because of things God showed to me ...

   Things I can't forget!
In my dream I stood before
   A massive Golden Gate.
As I began to walk on through,
   I heard a Voice say, ... "WAIT!"
I sensed the Presence of the Lord,
   But no one did I see.
Then I turned ... and what I saw
   Put the FEAR of God in me!
There were millions upon millions
   Of tiny baby parts;
Hands and feet and arms and legs,
   And little beating hearts.
I could not bear to look upon
   This expansive "human sea".
And when I cried, "God what is this ...?"
   His response came back to me.
"I gave my servant Moses
   The command, 'Thou shalt not kill!'
I am the Lord ... I have not changed
   And neither has my Will!
"But you and others on the earth
   Have EXCHANGED all my decrees,
So you can satisfy your lust
   And live just as you please.
"My laws mean nothing toyou.
   You riot, rape and kill!
I am no longer the God you serve,
   You worship YOUR god ... self-will!
"You've legalized abortion.
'It's a woman's choice', you say,
So you murder unborn babies ...
5,000 every day!
"You thought when you dismembered ...
Unwanted babies that you bore,
That you could just discard the parts
And be bothered with them no more.
"But I searched through all the garbage cans,
   The toilets and debris,
And gathered up these baby parts
   To form this 'human sea'."
I turned my head and looked away
   From the sight that I had seen.
And as I did, the sky rolled back
   Like on a giant TV screen.
Across the sky there were pictures formed,
   I could see them everywhere.
Each scene I saw, I knew quite well ...
   As though I had been there.
I stood with fear and trembling
   As I looked up at the screen.
For the pictures that were shown to me
   Were filthy and obscene.
Adults molesting children ...
   What a sickening sight to see.
While homosexuals filled the streets
   As they marched defiantly!
Schools were filled with violence ...
   No longer -- The Golden Rule!
Then a Voice cried out ... "This all began
   When you took prayer out of school.
"The Ten Commandments ... no longer are
   Displayed upon the walls,
Of your schools of Higher Learning
   Or your public building halls.
"You blame the politicians
   For the conditions in your land.
You blame the religious leaders
   Because they do not 'take a stand'.
"But you're the one who's guilty,
   Not the others that you say
For YOU ... could have made a difference
   If you'd taken time to pray.
"You had the time to work each day.
   At night you watched TV.
You had the time for 'important things'.
   But you had no time for ME!
"I called to you so often,
   'Won't you please come unto Me?
I'll forgive your sin and heal your land'.
   But you ... ignored My plea.
"Depart from Me, you wicked one!
   A prayerless life ... your crime.
You'll have Eternity to think about ...
   Too busy ... and ... no time!"

Poetry of Jenn Reams
The One and Only Real Thing
Though we be perplexed and sore-vexed
sometimes poorly dressed
stressed and hard-pressed
on every side stripped of pride
but not denied
express access with boldness we address...

The throne of grace
that holy place
if there's no trace
of sin, condemned, in the dark
confession cleans the heart
light gives us a fresh start
so we can speak with Him face to face

Few are chosen from the many called
who stand tall before the fall
or let worldly cares build the wall
that blocks the light
illuminating what's right
in their own might they fight
the life Christ seeks to install

They like to claim
they are Christ's all the same
bringing shame to His name
once believers, now deceivers
chasing riches like retrievers
gossiping busy beavers
while the true followers get the blame

See, it's more than a feeling
you've got to be willing
to know you need healing
then stand thru earthquakes, flesh-aches
be hated for His name's sake
to prove the love of Christ is not fake,
but the One and only real thing

Poetry of Deanna Blakeman
Ancient of Days
I beheld as the Ancient of Days did sit,
As he that is worthy did hold the book in which the names of the saints were written.
His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as a dove.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, He hath prevailed to open the seven seals thereof.
Yea, His glory unmatching and his countenance like a fiery flame.

I saw as all did bow before him, and every tongue confessed his name.
And when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead, He saith to me, Fear not, For I AM.

I AM Emmanuel, Messiah, The Sacrificial Lamb.
I AM he that liveth and is alive forevermore, The Prince of Peace, The Almighty, The only wise God, THE DOOR.

After this I looked, and Behold! a Throne was set in heaven And One sat on the throne.
His Beauty Breathtaking, his Love everlasting, the bounty of his wisdom unknown.

I heard as it were a great multitude, and I heard the voice of mighty thunderings saying, ALLELUIA! The Lord God omnipotent, reign!
Receive Honour, Glory, Power for thou art worthy. For thou was surely slain.
Then the Marriage did come and the Bride had made herself ready, so clean and white.
The Lamb was clothed in a vesture dipped in blood, and I beheld his beautiful sight.

All this did emerge before me, When I was in the Spirit.
And I beheld as the Ancient of Days did sit.

Poetry of Angelica Garza
Not once but twice, plucked up by the roots.
Behold these three years, I found no fruit.
What more could I do for this tree?
It would not abide in me...
Shepherds for hire, oh so cheap, 30 pieces of silver...the cost was steep.
Because of you, my people sleep...

For I know your thoughts, and wicked they are, for this you shall be a falling star.

I have a people separate from thee, and worthy they are, for they love only me.
They love not the world, no not their life, for the battle was won, he paid the price.

The salt and the light, oh how they shine, I tell you truly, they are here for a time.
Give heed to my people, lest you run out of time.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the light. Repent and believe.

The eyes of the people are all but dark
They run swiftly to do evil, from this they will not depart...
They hold dearly to their impenitent heart.
I suffered long with you�for your sin I cried,
Oh that you would hear my son, for this cause he died.
I knock and I knock, and you turn away.
For this cause I will bring the evil day.
The blow will be mighty, your heart will break, surely I tell you, there is no escape.
Come to my son, for he is the way
He shall keep you, lest you fall away...
Lo alas I shall have my day.

The wind and the waves, then a mighty quake
How long till my people will wake?
Repent I say, return to me, soon there will be the parting of the red sea.
Yes mockers there shall be, make your choice for eternity
I gave you my son, I will accept nothing else

Poetry of Angelica Garza
Tests and Trials
Tests and trials, matters of the heart

Manifest yourself; I pray you not depart?

The wheat and the tares, they grow alike,

Indeed they grow side by side, behold the sword as it divides…

Wood hay and stubble, a work revealed

I would that you turn and your land be healed

Bundles to burn, for you hated your brother

Did not I command thee to love one another?

Cains and Ables, seeds alike, Sons of perdition shall not abide.

I come quickly; I have declared, Love your brother and be spared

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