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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

On-Time Baby

Jason and Kristi Burton - 09/28/2011

Kristi gave birth to another baby boy on Saturday night, September 17th at around 11:00 PM. We named him Isaiah Allen Burton and he weighed 9 lbs and 14 oz! Another Ethan-sized baby. :o)

What a blessing to be part of this miracle. If you'll remember, with Ethan, we had miracle after miracle that God did in answer to our prayers. We were put into extreme situations where we had a choice to trust His word and guess what? His Word was reliable. This time around it was interesting.

We knew that our midwife, Leslie, was planning on taking a trip to Europe about the time that Isaiah was due. She almost decided not even to work with us because her flight left literally 3-4 days before he was even due and most of the time second babies are on time or early. She wasn't even scheduled to be back in the country for more than a week after Isaiah was supposed to be here. We prayed according to Matthew 18:19 that Leslie would be here for the birth. Now, we always assumed that would mean Isaiah coming early. We had that in mind and come the end of August Kristi started having a few contractions and we started praising the Lord.

Day after day came and went and nothing happened. Leslie departed for Europe and we were really bummed. We just couldn't understand why the baby didn't come and God had not heard us. :o) We never even considered that God could come from the other way and delay the birth until Leslie came home, which is EXACTLY what He did. I could cry just remembering every day that came and no baby and as the days got closer for her to return we thought, could it be? She was home for almost 4-5 days before the little one decided to come. What a miracle! She was shocked when she called another midwife who lives here near us and was checking up on us when Leslie was gone and found out Kristi was still pregnant! Does God keep His Word?

We prayed specifically as well that this delivery would be much, much easier for Kristi and it would be quick with less pain and less trauma to her and a much quicker recovery time for her. How great is our God! With Ethan, Kristi started labor on a Saturday night and didn't give birth until Sunday night. With Isaiah, she started labor at around 7:00 PM and the baby was born by 11:15! She looked SO GOOD afterward, too.

Kristi was in bed after Ethan for days and was in such pain and a lot of drastic recovery. It was just a hard birth and recovery. She was up and walking around within a couple of days and probably pushing herself way too early with Isaiah. :o) It was a night-and-day event from Ethan to Isaiah. We got to see the faithfulness of the Lord.

For both births we have gotten our friend, David Eells, to pray for us and agree with us for certain things and we just are thankful that there are those who believe in the authority of God's Word! We stop now and thank the Lord for His faithfulness and love for us.

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