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Chris Garber - 12/03/2010

I came to UBM in February of 2008. I experienced healings, various deliverances and grew quickly in the Lord, thanks to all the teachers there at UBM.

I have worn glasses or contacts since in the 5th grade, some 30+ years. In May of '09 I decided (keyword "I") that I would not buy any more contacts. By June of '09 I was wearing my glasses all the time. By the 1st of September '09, I decided (there's that "I" again) that I wouldn't wear my glasses, unless I just needed them to drive or something. Over the next several months, it seemed as though my vision was improving -- slightly. Around the end of November '09, I decided just to toss the glasses (again "I"). Not toss away, just somewhere that I could not get to them. I began to recite 1 Peter 2:24 every time I got frustrated. Then added Galatians 3:13, Psalms 91 and then Isaiah 53, as well. Determined, I stood my ground, praying, wondering at times and dealing with much unbelief from inside myself as well as my family.

Somewhere during the summer of this year, while enduring some other, serious trials, I heard very softly in my spirit, "Chris, you really are being legalistic about your vision. There are so many parables for you. PAY ATTENTION". So, there it was. Time to get rid of all the "I"s, "me"s and "mine"! After much prayer, studying and re-studying, "a dead man can't see anyway, unless it's a gift from God", I started noticing major improvements quickly. Then (drum roll please) I got my DMV notification to renew my driver's license the first week of October. I was gonna have to take an eye test. Got worried for a few minutes, then I cast off those thoughts and focused on all the things that I had to be thankful for. Also wondered if I needed to forgive someone of anything. No check in my spirit, so on I went.

So I picked a possible day to do this. When the day arrived, I was nervous, happy and expectant. It was raining and on rainy days I was more hesitant with the vision because I can see perfectly when the sun is shining. (Sun or SON --neat parable. :)) Still, determined that God is in total control of everything, I went to DMV. I had my glasses in my pocket, wondering what I would say or if I could try the test without them first -- or just what did God have in store for me?

When it was my turn, I walked up to the counter. Spoke to the lady behind the counter and she was very nice with a smile on her face. We carried on small talk as she did the necessary paperwork. THEN she said: "Let's check your vision. Look in this machine (the ones they have there on the counter) and read the top line". Without hesitation I looked in the little machine and read the top line. She did the other "blinking light" test. No hesitation on my part. When the test was done, she said, "Great, you passed. Let's get your picture and finish this up". I was leaping and praising God on the inside. The smile I had on my face had to be a country mile wide. Got the picture taken. I kept remembering the testimony of Kaile Hamilton and how similar this was to her story. Amen! Praise the Lord! So after getting the picture taken, this nice lady started to finish the paperwork. She asked me, "Do you have your contacts in?" "No, ma'am", I said. "Did you have surgery or something?" Again, "No, ma'am". "Wow, what did you do?" I responded by asking for a piece of paper. "I get in trouble for this so often now", I said, "but I want to write down for you how my vision was healed". She gave me a piece of paper. I wrote down those four scriptures: 1 Peter 2:24, Galatians 3:13, Psalm 91 and Isaiah 53. I folded up the paper and handed it to her. She said to me, "Thank you. I can't wait to check these out". I could see in her eyes that she meant it. There it was! Being able to witness to this woman is the whole reason I endured this trial. To me, it was all worth it! I walked out to my truck weeping with joy and thanksgiving.

About two weeks ago, I got my nice, new driver's license in the mail. No restrictions! Amen! That day, as I was walking to my truck, I got in and very quietly, I heard, "Ok, that's done. Your vision is healed, now move on". I realized right there that we have so much to be thankful for and so much yet to do. Thank you, Father! Amen!

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