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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

My Healer and Provider

Bryan Maneafaiga - 03/05/2012

My young son went to visit his grandmother and while he was there God gave me a dream of him eating something bad and beginning to choke on it. I came and helped him get it out and he was better again. When I awoke, we went to go get him and could tell there was a difference in him.

(A little background: My fiancé and I prayed that God would give him and me a sincere love for each other, since I am not his biological father, and since then God has put so much love in our hearts for each other. He calls me Dad and I consider him my son! It has blessed and changed me so much to have him and my fiancé. God brought us both back from backsliding and has been showing Himself mightily in our lives through provision, healing, deliverance, protection and moving upon people's hearts around us.)

After we picked him up, he was noticeably different and he had gotten to see his biological father and I am not sure what happened but when I told him, "Son, I love you", he said, "No, you don't love me", and I was broken because I do.

So we talked and we discerned that someone had told him something negative that got in his head and I believe that was the "bad food" that he digested in the dream that was hurting him. As time went on, maybe he was holding things in but he got really constipated and a little sick and did not have a bowel movement for 3-4 days and we were all very concerned. We tried medicine, prunes and all these different things but NOTHING made a difference. And it broke our heart that he would say, "Dad, I'm trying to [have a bowel movement]", but was straining and crying because it hurt. I myself believe and have received and prayed for others to be healed and we have received healings before but my fiancé's dad is a doctor, so there's a strong pull to medication initially.

But when I saw the watering of his eyes, the Lord compelled me to pray for him and we all sat and prayed for him and gave thanks to God. We were at the end of our rope because nothing was helping.

Then God said to help him exercise his faith for the healing and rejoice! So I said, "Now that the Lord has healed you, son, we have to do a Thank You, Lordy, dance!" (He calls the Lord "Lordy" sometimes.) So God totally gave us a dance and we started pumping our fists out and shouting, "My poop is coming out! My poop is coming out!" Then we would switch to raising our hands to the Lord and shouting, "Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!" We repeated this over and over, pacing the room with joy, and felt the Lord give us great joy!

I felt the Lord saying, "Call the things which be not as though they were", so we rejoiced, praised Him, danced and then we rested. We felt so much peace we started doing something else.

Then, about 5-10 minutes later, Gabey said, "Dad, I have to poop!" He said, "I wanna go on the potty like a big boy", so we put him on the potty and he sat there and strained for a second and I said, "Son, let's sing our song". So we sang, "My poop is coming out! My poop is coming out! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!" Then, all of a sudden, he began to have a bowel movement! So much so it was like literally 3-4 days' worth. And what was so awesome about it was it was his first time going in the toilet and after that he's been going in the toilet ever since!

We rejoiced greatly and almost every time he sits down to go he now sings that song. No constipation again! Hallelujah! It was a great testimony to my fiancé how the Lord can heal without medicine, which is huge because her dad is a doctor. She said, "Wow, the Lord healed him without any medicine!" Her faith has been growing since. (Our son is two years old and will be three in April.) Here's a video of my son testifying to what the Lord has done.

After teaching him faith, one day I had a bug bite and scratched it wrong and it hurt and I said, "Ouch!" and he asked, "What's wrong, Cad?" I said, "I got an ouchie". He asked, "Where?" I pointed to it and he reached out and laid his hands on me and said, "Dear Lord, please bless my dad's ouchie. Amen!" All on his own!

And sometimes we will be riding in the car and the spirit of God will fall upon him and he will start praising and thanking God or praying for people we know ON HIS OWN! We were folding clothes in the room and he jumped up out of nowhere and shouted, "Thank You, Lord! Thank You for waking us up! Thank You, Lord!" And the presence of God came down and blessed us and brought joy! Hallelujah!

One day our son was playing at the kitchen table and we told him stop playing at the table. Sometimes he ignores us and keeps going but every time we warn him and he doesn't listen, I believe God confirms it to him through something happening. He kept playing and fell forward off the seat and down and hit his chin on the table on the way down and bit a hole in his lower lip. The inside of his mouth was leaking blood badly and we used a sock or rag to soak up the blood. And when we looked on the outside of his lip there were two holes where he had bitten through and was bleeding outside, as well. Initially, we were upset because that's what we didn't want to happen but when we saw the blood, we panicked a little because it looked kind of serious. My fiancé said he might need stitches and I agreed that was pretty bad but I was broke and had no insurance and she didn't have any either. And God compelled me to say, "God can close up the hole in his lip, no problem". I was reminded of the testimony of David and the stitches in his lip and how they came out and God closed his, so we agreed we would pray and believe God. First we tried stopping the bleeding with saltwater and applying pressure; then we prayed. We commanded the lip to close and be healed in Jesus' name. He would look and seem fine for a little while but he would hit it or aggravate it and cry again but we kept thanking God for the healing. My fiancé said to our son, "You're going to take a nap and wake up all better with your lip sealed up". And I agreed. I was fighting for rest on the prayer but giving thanks for it being done and we rested and encouraged each other. When he woke up it was closed! It was still tender and we could tell there was some healing to take place but it was significantly better and not bleeding anymore. After that, for about 3-4 days it was totally sealed with hardly any notice of any scar. A little one but not much. I was encouraged and rejoiced and my fiancé was really encouraged at God's power and had a greater respect for God that day because of what He had done for our son. And it's building our son's faith strong, as well!

My son is on fire for the Lord! Just today we were ministering to a relative and at the end he said, "Dad, I'm gonna pray". And he did, so I told him to lay his hand on her knee and command her knee to be healed, rebuke the pain and the demons. He did and we blessed God! She ate and slept and when we left, her caretaker said, "Before she slept she said she has no pain in the knee at all". Praise God! And she just had a knee surgery and stopped taking Oxycontin today!

Earlier today, a homeless man walked into church and started playing songs on his guitar and sharing his testimony. God led me to ask him if he believed in divine healing because he came in a wheelchair but was standing, sort of leaning. I pushed the thought away and began to walk away and then the man said he had multiple sclerosis and God compelled me to turn around and believe. So I acted on it and asked him if he believed and he said, "Yes, I do". Long story short, the anointing fell and God have me the scripture, "the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and if he has committed sins they shall be forgiven him". Then many brothers and sisters stood up and shared testimony with him, even a sister who had multiple sclerosis and was healed by God. And we laid hands on him and he was healed! Someone said, "Do something you weren't able to do before". He took off his jacket and did push-ups with his feet on the chair and stood on one leg! He said afterward that he hadn't been able to stand on one leg for five years. When he left he looked different and we could see the joy he had; he was radiant. Hallelujah! God is awesome!

God has led us to always wake and say "good morning" to Him and give thanks and before meals and in the car and without ceasing to give thanks and pray for others and He has been faithful to deliver, heal, protect and provide.

I got fired from my job in October and was humbled by God. I was broke for three months and was broken by it and complained to my fiancé and she responded, "Maybe God's just waiting for you to ask?!" So we agreed upon a productive career path and consistent work to stay busy and make an impact and the next day God blessed me to meet with an anointed woman of God who was the Commissioner of the Oakland Raiders. I had hand-sewn a costume to fire dance for the Oakland Raiders and wanted to ask for an opportunity to dance on the field. Then God blessed me to meet with the Commissioner of the Oakland Raiders.

Come to find out she was a anointed woman of God! She said, "With your dancing, the secular side pulls on you but I believe God wants it to be a ministry to inspire and bless people!" And the very next day I received a call from a pastor of a church who invited me to come meet the youth and share with them. Upon arrival, we worshipped and the Lord's presence was strong and the pastor said, "Let's let the Spirit lead" and she gave me the mic and asked me to share my testimony. I had nothing prepared but just prayed that God would use me and let His Word go forth and I ended up preaching for an hour, just giving testimonies. And the blessing was that the youth were so blessed by it that they asked for prayer to grow closer to God.

Since then God has compelled me to love on them and continue to share with them, to just testify and get to know them and every time we feel the Lord's presence so strong. And I have seen more blessings and more provision than when I was working a full-time job.

God gave me a desire to "give" -- not money but what was valuable to me. And I felt the most valuable blessing I have to give is my time and love. So when we prayed to God for the opportunity to give, He opened the door and every time I give something God blesses me with something I have been praying for (I do not tithe).

God showed me, "let every man give what he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity for God loves a cheerful giver"... When my fiancé was stressed out about money and we prayed that God would show her His provision, the next day she "found" some old uncashed unemployment checks and checks from work that equaled up to like almost $1000 in one day. She felt compelled to go through a stack of old mail and it had been there for a while.

We prayed for bikes to ride and I felt the Lord compel me to give away a tablet I had to a friend, instead of charging him for it. And like a week or two later he said, "I'm not really a bike person and I have this awesome bike that's going to go to waste. You can have it if you want it. It's brand new; it just needs a tire".

I prayed for some five-toe shoes to work out in because it was cold outside and I like to practice barefoot and my grandma gave me the money for the shoes and I spent it on something else and I was very down about it. My fiancé offered to buy them for me but I felt compelled to ask God for another opportunity to work to get the shoes. The next week He blessed me with work and even more money and I was able to get the shoes and they are awesome!

God's been compelling us to clean the house and be a blessing to others. And just the other day we were given two $50 certificates to a sports apparel store and I LOVE sports apparel. God compelled me to make my mom and fiancé feel special by getting them a rose and candy and at the same moment a friend called me and said, "I really want to make you a pair of good knives that would be original". THE EXACT THING I PRAYED FOR! (I do the Samoan fire knife dance with a machete blade with a hook on fire and a good knife is very valuable.)

The verse God keeps giving me is "give and it will be given unto you, pressed down shaken together and running over shall men GIVE into your bosom. For with the measure you mete it out it will be measured unto you". He is faithful to His Word.

The other day I picked up a brother for fellowship. First I prayed for favor with my mom to use the car and God gave it! She let me use it and we went to pick up his check, but it wasn't there yet, so we said, "It's ok. God still has blessed us with awesome fellowship". I said, "Man, I really want to hear that song with the lyrics, 'My God's not dead; He's surely alive; He's living on the inside roaring like a lion'", and I turned the radio knob up and THE SONG WAS PLAYING! And we rejoiced!

A friend I met at the gym came over the other day for the first time and we talked and shared with each other and we began confessing our sins to each other of things we knew we shouldn't be doing and needed to change. Both of us had hurt knees. He was told he might need surgery and was getting an MRI the next day and I was in pain greatly and limping. After we talked, the scripture came: "Confess your sins one to another, pray for one another that you may be healed". So we acknowledged it and prayed for each other. He said when I prayed for him, he felt something like electricity go into his knee and it felt better! When he prayed for me, I felt a warm, healing sensation come into my knee and I felt better. The next day, he went for his MRI and said the doctor found nothing and that nothing was wrong! And he began praising God! Before we prayed, he said, "I know God can heal this and more!" And the Lord healed him! And my knee is healed, too. I rested and the pain has been going away in my knee, as well. God's been leading me to thank Him for the healing and resting and it feels great!

One day we were driving and we said, "Let's get donuts", and we asked Siri (iPhone technology) where the nearest donuts were, but after a second we said, "Let's pray a little bit", so we began to pray and thank God and after a little bit we realized we had missed our exit! So we got off and decided to turn around. The thought came to me, we got off this exit for a reason. I said, "I wonder if there are donuts off this exit". Then I turned to the left and there was a huge DONUTS sign and we were filled with joy! Who needs Siri when you have Jesus?!

The season and years prior to this I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I took medication for three years and backslid away from the Lord and fell into fear and bondage. But God, Who is rich in mercy, never forsook me and faithfully delivered me from the entire situation. I had four visits to the mental hospitals in two different states and was heavily medicated and miserable for three years until I cried out to the Lord and He delivered me.

A good brother prayed for me that the Lord would appear to me. And that night Jesus appeared to me in my room and said, "You're not under the curse". Then He walked over to the window and opened it and said, "Remember what I said". I was shocked and blessed. There was such passion and power and love emanating from Him and He was wearing a white garment with a gold sash and there was no mistaking Who He was. It was like a burning fire in His eyes and such a seriousness and firmness in His words, but with so much love. I thought on it and asked David if the Lord said this to me, but I'm still getting symptoms in the natural that I believe is a test. He agreed and prayed for me that God would give me boldness to stand up for the truth and be delivered from drugs and doctors and everything.

Shortly after, I had an appointment on my birthday on May 10, 2011. I was waiting for some kind of miracle to happen, like everybody leaving me alone and not persecuting me or telling me I was sick but exactly the opposite happened. My mom dragged me to the doctor where they were going to administer a shot and drug me but God gave me such a confidence and resolve to share with them that I was and am not sick and will no longer be needing the medication. The nurse was shocked and got my mom from the other room and my mom was calling me sick and delusional and called my grandpa and my aunt to try to convince me to take the shot. They even tried to force me but I just said, "No, thank you. I am not sick and I don't need it". They said I would deteriorate and lose all my functioning skills if I didn't take it and that I would go crazy again. But I felt a peace in believing God and said, "God says, 'whoever puts his trust in the Lord will never be put to shame'". They said I would be put to shame but I said, "May God be true and every man a liar".

That day was rough for my family because they did not agree with my decision and were concerned for my well-being but I had such a resolve and peace that all would be well if I stood my ground and obeyed God. God says if we obey we get blessed and if we disobey we get cursed, so if I truly have faith that my conscience is clear and I'm making a solid decision because of what the Word says, then I'm standing on the rock and the wind and waves will not tear down my house.

I give thanks to God and the many brethren who prayed for me and loved on me and rebuked me. I sent countless emails into UBM and called David a couple times, dying for him to tell me what to do. But God wouldn't let me wiggle out of the trial and even David said, "I can't tell you what to do. Jesus said it's according to your faith". Basically, I felt God was telling me I wasn't receiving because of double-mindedness and I needed to make a decision. Who am I going to believe -- God or man?

For years I was torn down by the doctors' diagnoses, saying I couldn't work and that I wouldn't make decisions for myself and would be on medication for the rest of my life. I knew deep down in my heart God had given me a sound mind. I was just too much of a coward to stand up for it. But I remember praying to God for boldness and a pure heart one day and I believe this is one experience that God used to produce that in me.

After so many sleepless nights and suffering and chastening, one sound decision to believe God changed my life. I do believe because I had backslidden it was worse than it had to be but God truly is merciful and His mercy endures forever. "Let the wicked forsake his thoughts and let him return to the Lord and he will have mercy upon him".

After that day in the doctor's office, God blessed me with two jobs -- one knocking on doors setting appointments and one at Target. And He blessed me to dance again and do gigs on the side, as well! Three jobs in a matter of days and it was such a blessing.

God also blessed me with favor on all the jobs with my bosses to get hired and interview well and with the door-to-door job He anointed me and gave me favor with people at the door to always make my quota, and many times exceed my quota, and times when I would get paired with one of the Christian brothers on the job we would meet our daily quota 2 1/2 hours after work started and still have the rest of the day to work. God would bless us to fellowship and pray together and rejoice and see His favor and love toward us! Even the boss after time felt led to pick me up for work because I didn't have a car everyday and never asked for gas money, not once, and we became good friends.

When turmoil hit, I was able to pray with him and see God work blessings and deliverance in his life and see him come to tears at work. Hallelujah!

One day I knocked on a door and there was an older woman who couldn't really get one sentence out at first and I felt led to pray for her. But I said, "God, if you want me to pray for her, then she will ask". Although she couldn't finish a sentence, she said, "Baby, will you just pray for me?" I gladly did. We put our hands to the screen door and prayed and I rebuked the sickness and thanked God for her healing and the spirit of the Lord blessed us both and we both cried. Then she opened the door and I saw she was bald and had been fighting cancer and was in much pain. But God is so good. She opened the door and hugged me and was able to speak clearly! She told me about her life and her grandkids and her Bible that she reads and how she prayed for them and we fellowshipped and rejoiced in the Lord and it was a glorious day.

When I got in the van, the Christian brother said, "Maybe that's the whole reason God had you out there today was to pray for that person". We were thankful. Even though I don't work for that company anymore, I can say that is the funniest and most rewarding job I have ever had. On that job I knocked on a door and met the wonderful woman of God I am with now who shares in this testimony. Out of all the things I never said I would do, I said I would never date a woman with a child but I have never been more blessed in my life. God brought us together by divine appointment. I had already met my quota for the day by having six appointments and only needed four but I felt compelled to keep going, then when I knocked on the door there was a shining woman of God who answered and we talked and shared for like 30 minutes until I had to go.

At the time, I did fall into some temptation at the job and even with my fiancé (although we plan to get married soon, we do not live together) but God brought such a strong conviction and deep repentance and delivered us both and put us on the right path again, even more appreciative and humble than before and we are thankful for it. Our son is such a blessing. God always uses him to speak life into everything.

Another blessing is that my whole family has changed their attitude about me and life and are totally loving and favorable toward my fiancé and son. God has been blessing them and bringing them closer through these things and has blessed me to be able to bless them and minister to them for a change, which is a huge blessing. I believe God showed me that everything I was asking for and wanting from Him I already had inside me. "He's given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness". But I was the one who had to exercise it. And God had to use my faith to give me what I was asking for.

Here's an example of God blessing faith: My fiancé prayed that God would bless me with work. I had no job, so I felt led to go door-to-door in her neighborhood and talk to people like I had been doing on the other job. I kid you not, I knocked on a door and said, "Hi. My name is Bryan and I am an entertainer and I do the Samoan fire knife dance". The lady who answered the door stopped me and said, "You're joking!" I said, "No. Why?" She asked, "Did one of my neighbors put you up to this?" I said no. She said, "I was just online looking for a fire knife dancer!" I said, "No way!" I showed her the clip of me doing the dance and we were both floored at this divine appointment.

Long story short, she hired me to dance at her husband's celebration for him joining the SWAT Team and she blessed me with $50 more than I asked for. Glory to Jesus!

And just a couple days ago, we were hired to dance at a young kid party and do hula and fire knife. God compelled us to pray and we did and after the performance the client said, "You undercharged us. I'm going to give you $100 more than what you asked for!" Awesome!

More than anything, God has been showing me He gives us abundantly for a purpose -- to bless others. God's been compelling us to just thank Him more for everything and rest and He has been doing mighty works. He is AMAZING! "And he will multiply your seed for sowing". Long story short, we are thankful for UBM and the faithfulness of David and the brethren sharing the Word.

Through the years of listening and going through trials, the confidence to believe God and trust Him is the greatest blessing I could ever ask for. Thank you and thank you, Jesus, for Your faithfulness. Thank you and bless you. Healing is ours -- Psalms 103:3; 1 Peter 2:24. Provision is ours -- Philippians 4:19. Deliverance is ours -- Matthew 10:1. Protection is ours -- Psalms 91.

I'm so blessed for His mercy and a second chance after backsliding. I'm believing for grace to serve Him until Jesus comes back.

Praise God forever. Praise Him in the big and small things. He is faithful.

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