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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Heart Attack > Hell > Repentance > Healing

Paul & Lorrie Deeter - 03/19/2009

My wife, Lorrie, received a phone call from her mother on the morning of February 12. She told her that she had received a phone call from her brother's Commander-in-Chief and that Larry, her 44-year-old fraternal twin brother, was taken to the E.R. at 4:00 am. that morning. He is in the Army in Germany.

He had to have emergency surgery and had a quadruple bypass. She got off the phone and had told me that she had strongly felt led to pray for her brother the night before that he would come to know the saving grace and knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for God to save him, as she has prayed for him for years. We had tried to talk to him in the past about Jesus but, sadly, he was not open to receive.

I was home resting because I had been sick with bronchitis. The Lord directs our steps, hallelujah!

We laid still and quiet before the Lord. Her mom called again after receiving another call from Larry's Commander-in-Chief. He told her mother that he was unconscious and was in critical condition and the next 72 hours would be very critical. They were trying to stabilize and strengthen his heart.

We laid down to pray and rest and I had a vision: I saw my wife, Lorrie, and her brother at about seven years of age. Lorrie was in a boat and Larry was in the water. Lorrie began to cry out to him and yell, "Get in the boat, Larry!" He just teased her and wouldn't get in the boat. End of vision.

Then I dreamt that I was with her brother in spirit. It was black wherever he was but it didn't feel evil. I was sharing with him about the Lord and the Word of God and I knew it was the Lord speaking through me. I knew in my spirit that he was receiving what I was telling him and not rejecting it like he had in the past.

I also had another dream.

I was in spirit again and this time I knew Larry was there again, but the most awesome thing was that I was giving him a LIGHT! It was a sphere of light, and the appearance of it was very bright. I couldn't touch the light but I could place my hands around about it, and pick it up and give it to him. The Light was Jesus, the living Word, and Larry was receiving the Light.

We grew up in a Baptist and Methodist church until our early teens. My brother, Larry (44), always believed "once saved, always saved". He did not believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in times past mocked them quite often. I would just like to say that if you have been given dreams or visions that don't appear to be good about members of the family it may be the Lord is just simply showing you how to pray for them.

In late 2007 Paul and I had visited my mother and Larry was staying with her before taking leave into the Army. I had been praying in the bedroom and he heard me praying in the spirit. He opened the door and made a comment. When I came out into the kitchen he came up to me and started mocking the Holy Spirit and laying his hand upon my head. I told him he was wrong and went to my bedroom and began to pray and ask the Lord to forgive him. A little bit later the Lord gave me a vision of him.

In the vision I walked out to the kitchen. I saw a black iron birdcage and as I looked in I saw my brother sitting on a bench. He saw me and became very angry and began picking up birdseed and throwing it at me. As I watched him the birdseed fell to the ground and did not touch me. He than became angrier and stood up and began to shake the cage violently. His face was very red with anger and he shook the cage so hard it came up about two inches and then it was slammed down. I then heard the Holy Spirit speak forth: "He who is in you is greater than he who is in that birdcage".

The birdseed represented his words and they fell to the ground, not touching me. The cage represented the bondage, that he himself was in.

So I share this to say sometimes He shows us things to pray for people. God can change them and will even when we can't see a change in the natural. He first starts within our very hearts. We must believe that He can and stand on every Word of God for household salvation. The vision showed me how to pray for him.

Larry had an extremely hard heart, a big root of bitterness, a mocking spirit and resentment toward a lot of people and things. He didn't want to hear about the Lord, as we had tried to share and talk with him before he went into the Army.

Here is what happened to my brother last month:

1) He had knee surgery and got a massive infection throughout his body.

2) He had a heart attack which they say knocked out the front wall of his heart.

3) He had to have immediate quadruple by pass surgery.

4) The doctors (we found out later) had to resuscitate him twice.

5) The doctors gave him a 1:5 chance of survival.

6) At one point the doctors gave him a week to live.

7) After his bypass, he was put in a medically-induced coma for 13 days and during that time he got pneumonia and suffered a stroke.

I told Paul after he told me his dreams and vision he received from the Lord that I had asked the Lord when I found out he suffered a coronary heart attack if he would take me by spirit to minister to him. Well, praise Jesus, he didn't send me but he sent Paul. But we see what the Lord has done by using Paul to speak forth to Larry in spirit.

Sometimes the Lord brings people to their beds and has to bring them to a place where they can openly receive and this is where Larry received. Larry wouldn't receive from me, but he did receive from Paul, as the Lord spoke through Paul.

After Paul had received the dreams, I was in the bathroom washing my face, I think. I heard this: "Larry's soul is now at peace and his spirit is at rest".

Our souls will never ever have the peace of God until Jesus comes in and abides within us. Also, Paul did not know that when we were about that age, we really were in a boat and the waters were over flood stage and the boat tipped. My parents grabbed us up and Larry was under the boat, with his head just sticking up out of the water but under the tipped boat, yelling.

When I went over to Germany the very first thing I did was to pray over him and his room. I saw much peace about him and felt no darkness, praise be to God!

Larry had to learn to walk all over again, and on a Tuesday he couldn't walk and by Friday he was up and walking. He had a quadruple bypass, as the front wall of heart exploded and he also had a stroke while in the coma.

When he awoke, he began to cry and repent of everything and told us things we never knew. He saw things while he was in a coma. He saw a cobra with a gold crown imprinted on its head, which all pointed to spiritual warfare -- a very fight for his life.

He said that Satan came to him and showed him everything that he had done wrong.

He said he was taken and brought into different parts of hell. He said he was in blackness and felt like he was falling but then he was pulled up and out of it.

His heart is so soft. He cries like a little baby. He loves everyone and is loveable.

He is a baby in the hands of God.

Many people have told him that are in the military that what has happened is a miracle and Jesus saved him.

It is a miracle.

He will say, "Jesus really loves me. Jesus really loves me. Praise God!"

Last week Larry got a pass to leave the hospital for three hours. We brought him to the place we were staying and he wanted to call Paul. After he got off the phone with Paul, he said, "I talked to Paul before this a couple of weeks ago". I said, "No, this is the first time". But then I remembered Paul's dreams.

My brother is so happy that Jesus saved him; he is glad to be alive.

He said he doesn't deserve it but none of us do. It's by Gods grace and mercy and His love for us. God loves Larry more than even me or my mother could ever love him.

I had received two dreams and two words while in Germany the first week, I believe. I truly believe they were confirmations of his salvation and of his peace with the Lord. The two words I will share were awakening and awakened!

I believe he was both physically and spiritually awakened!

Thank you, Jesus! Praise be to God!

Update - 04/30/2009 - (David's notes in red)

We have gone to Indiana to be with Larry, as led of the Lord, to take care of him. He is doing wonderfully. The Lord had given Larry a dream the same morning he gave me one. He called me from Germany just before going to Indiana and said, "I need you and Paul". That was Jesus. Hallelujah!

Larry's dream:

He said he was planting plants in a yard and he knew it was on property he bought. (His new promised land.) He kept planting until they blanketed the bed. (Much fruit and beauty.) He had a spade in his hand.

He said he saw me on a riding lawn mower, going around and cutting grass because he knew I wanted to be in the sunshine. (Peter said, "All flesh is as grass". This is cutting Larry's flesh down under the Sun / Son.) He said Paul had a bunch of wood and was doing something with it. Whether building or picking it up, not sure. Mom was on the front porch, sitting and knitting. (At the end of the dream he had a weedeater in his hand and was weedeating around the house.) (Getting rid of fruitlessness.)

He said he was so peaceful and happy in the dream.

We have been praying and anointing him with oil, which we could never do before. When we got to my mother's home, he had a pain in his chest and it hurt when he breathed. He said he had a headache, as well. We asked him if we could pray and anoint him. Never before have I gotten to pray over my brother in this way; that's Jesus. After we prayed, he got up and walked out of the room. He stopped at the end of the hall and said, "Whoa, my chest doesn't hurt and my headache is gone! Hallelujah!"

I had anointed mom's home, the doors, and Larry's bed and floor. I had asked the Lord to show me where my brother is spiritually. A week later the Lord gave me a vision two times. I pondered it in my heart and then it was like a Duh! I got it Jesus, finally! :0)

The vision: As I lay still, a black coffin appeared before me; there was not much light in what appeared to be a graveyard. The coffin was then brought closer and the lid opened up. My word, it was white as white could be, even the inside lid. As I looked, a bathtub was inside this coffin instead of where someone would lie. (His cleansing is death to self and renewing of the mind.) I then saw as a foot was being washed inside this white, clean bathtub. Very, very nice in appearance. Clean and white. Well, I didn't get it. I knew it was spiritual, so I asked the Lord.

Three nights later the Lord interpreted it for me with this: Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all. (John 13:10)

After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. (John 13:5)

The very next morning, as I was in prayer, I heard to anoint the carpet in the living room. I was pressed and so I obeyed. I wondered why, then it hit me: Larry's feet tread here, a path for His feet. For thou hast delivered my soul from death: wilt not thou deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living? (Psalm 56:13)

See, we in our flesh see and saw Larry as death, darkness, but the Lord starts on the inside of us. Hallelujah! So we don't get to see until it manifests outwardly. While we see darkness and death, Jesus says, "No! I'm washing him and making him wholly clean". Praise be to God! And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. (Rev.1:5)

Larry was taken from the pits of hell, and as it is written: He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. (Psalms 40:2)

To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. (Luke 1:79)

We are believing the Lord for total restoration of his whole body and especially his eyes, as the lack of oxygen to his brain when he had died has messed with his vision. I ask all who would to continue to intercede for him and I thank you for the said prayers!

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