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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healing My Wart and My Dog

Geneva Payne - 01/02/2011

I have been thanking God and believing for healing over a wart on my toe. I heard David say on the ministry broadcast not too long ago that God can heal something as small as a wart. Right then I was like, "That is for me!!!" I was using liquid wart remover that a friend of mine gave me, but I felt God lay it on my heart to believe and thank Him that it is healed and gone. So I called my dad and told him to cancel the appointment to go to the doctor and have it removed because I knew God was going to use this to help my faith grow.

A few days later, I was eating breakfast when I felt God say, "Look at your toe". So I took off my sock and it had decreased by so much! I was ecstatic. I wanted to thank God for his healing and blessings that He has given me. I also thank Him in advance for this wart being totally healed and removed!

I have another testimony about my dog, Jessie, who is rather small. About five months ago, he was in the car with my mom and the window was down. Being a dog and all, his first reaction was to jump out of the window when he saw a bird or squirrel; he jumped out the window of the car in motion into a four-way intersection that is usually super busy. He got run over by a car, tearing his stomach lining and ripping his male parts. At the time, I was in Myrtle Beach when my mom called from the vet to tell me what all had happened to Jessie.

I was upset but I did not let my emotions get to me because I knew my faith in God and trust that He would take care of the situation was greater. When I arrived home, Mom told me that the vet sent him home to die, but I knew that God had heard my prayers and knew how much this little dog meant to me.

When I saw Jessie, his stomach looked horrible and his male part was swollen. I told God that I was sorry for not taking care of him better and for caring more about hanging out with my friends than this precious little dog. So I stayed with Jessie for about a week and a half, making sure he was sleeping well and having to force-feed him. It was a trial with my faith because there were times that Jessie would not move and wouldn't eat or drink but I did not let my faith waver. I kept telling myself that he was going to make it.

Well, days went by and I saw a gradual progression that he was drinking water and able to urinate. Then he started eating and walking again. I was so happy that God had answered my prayers by testing my faith and making me appreciate what I have.

From then on, I made sure that Jessie was fed and I would take him on three 10-minute walks a day and show him love that I felt he was deprived of for a long time.

I thank the Lord for always being faithful when I was not. I couldn't ask for anything greater than His grace and love He has shown toward me. Glory goes to God always!

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