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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healed of Sciatic Nerve Damage

Paul Langan - 03/21/2011

I want to send a praise report. God is greatly to be praised and I have learned that it is important to give Him glory for His mighty works. Approximately three years ago, I began to feel pain from my sciatic nerve. Over time it grew and went from my back all the way down to my foot. I couldn't sit and not be in pain. I couldn't drive to work without pain. At work I had to set up my desk so I could stand but even standing was painful. I couldn't lie in my bed because it was too soft and hurt my back. So my wife and I would sleep in separate beds, as I had to get a very stiff mattress which I laid on the floor. The worst part was I loved to study the Word but I couldn't sit in my chair for any length of time to read and study the word because the pain was too distracting.

This pain began about three years ago and so did my spiritual journey out of the harlot church system. This also was when I began to listen to UBM. I have seen many healings and miracles as a result of the truth of the Gospel that I received through the teachings at UBM in the last three years. I have prayed for people and seen healings from pain in arms, legs and eyes. I have prayed and rebuked warts and a ganglion cyst in my wife. I have received leading from the Lord through dreams and words of knowledge, and so much more of the life of Christ than I ever had experienced in the church system.

The Lord has been very faithful but this trial and pain in my sciatic nerve would not go away. I searched my heart, confessed my sins and prayed with the elders but it would not go. I diligently sought the grace of God that I may abide in Him and partake of the benefit that is by grace through faith, but the promise wouldn't manifest. Nonetheless, I had determined to remain stubborn in the faith, believing in the promise of a God Who cannot lie. By God's grace, I would not swerve from the fact that by faith I was healed back at the cross.

One day I noticed that it didn't hurt to sit. Then I was able to lie in my own bed again, for several days in a row. So I got rid of the bed that was next to my bed. I began to run again, something that I hadn't done in a long time. The pain tried to come back but I determined that by the Lord's grace I would make no provision for the flesh. I would run by faith, confident that I was healed. In fact, each time I ran the better I felt. Sometimes I still feel those lying symptoms of Satan trying to come back but the battle has greatly turned and by His grace I will not be moved from the promise of my complete manifested healing that was accomplished back at the cross. It is impossible for the Lord's grace to fail me.

When I ask the Lord why it took so long to receive this promise, I received two verses:

(Psa.119:71) It is good for me that I have been afflicted; That I may learn thy statutes.

(Mat.5:48) Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

God gives us grace as we come to Him but the more light we receive, the more light we must walk in. We must let patience have its perfect work. That work is for perfecting, fine-tuning our faith and working out all the little details of unbelief that remained in my heart, mind and words. Patience must be allowed to have its perfect work that we learn to abide and not wander from grace, to try and earn our salvation. Patience must have its perfect work so that we learn to abide in Him, walking in holiness and thereby becoming a partaker of the benefits.

This trial has truly helped me to learn and examine my walk of faith, as well as my confession of faith. Over time my faith became more determined because I knew the truth. God does not lie; He is not a respecter of persons and His Word does not change. By His stripes I was healed.

When clay is done being molded, it is placed in the fire so that it will be set and fixed in the form that it was fashioned. Once tried in the fire, the vessel is no longer able to be refashioned into another form. The three-year fiery trail of my faith served in fixing my faith in agreement with the Word. For the last two years I have not had any health insurance. The Lord has been by healer. He is everything we need.

I want to thank you so much and this ministry for being faithful ministers of the truth of the Gospel, the very good news of my salvation. And I praise the Lord for using this ministry to touch many lives and through they who hear the truth many more are being touched. I have been a Christian 14 years and I have always had a desire to share Christ. But anymore it is rare that I get through a day without the Lord opening a door to share Christ and the real good news. Recently I began to pray that the Lord brings us the people whom He desires to heal. I figured if God brought the people whom He wanted to heal, then He will have prepared them to receive their healing.

(Joh.4:38) I sent you to reap that whereon ye have not labored: others have labored, and ye are entered into their labor.

Just yesterday I was in town and I had two different people come up to me and each mentioned they were sick. There in the middle of the crowds I asked them if I could pray and they gladly agreed because the Lord had sent them to me to be prayed for, just as I had asked. We prayed the prayer of faith, believing we had received. They have been healed and though I am still waiting for the good report, I know it is finished.

I thank God for the truth that I have learned through this ministry, the truth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray the Lord bless you and bring you ever more fully into His rest, peace and joy.

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