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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Gulf, Economy & Right Wing Fall

Gulf and Economy Crash
James Kline - 07/20/2010
(David's notes in red)

I was on trial for something -- I do not remember what -- but it was a small matter. The trial was being held in an airplane hangar. (A place where planes are grounded; unable to fly above the world because of walls, like the ones being built by the beast system.) As the trial was about to begin, a whole bunch of people showed up to watch the trial. It was as if the people were just walking around, checking out different trials for entertainment. (The Christian right wing will continue to get the blame and be tried on TV and in the press by the left wing for the problems.) I took the stand and was about to be sworn in when the judge stopped to say something. Normally the judge is right next to you, but I was in front of the judges in the stand seat. (Being judged over media.) She then introduced me to the new judge who would be sitting in for training. It seemed to me as if I was up against the Supreme Court. Things started to get chaotic, but I'm not sure what started the commotion. I do remember that during the commotion I was completely at peace about everything; I was not concerned with what the verdict of the judges was because I knew the Father knew what I had done. (True Christians, who are faithful to discipleship, know they are not guilty for the problems in the country, economy, war, etc. -- some of which were helped along by the right wing.)

At that time my dad came up to me and told me to bring up an incident that had to do with Krysten Hause, (an old friend of mine with whom I no longer stay in contact). I told him that I did not want to bring up that situation. (Krysten means, "follower of Christ" and Hause means " house" or "home". Christians will also be blamed by the left, using as precedent past historical problems, which the true house of Christ take no credit for.) My dad started to walk away and was motioning me to follow, but I told him, "I can't. I am not allowed to leave". A judge quickly got up and went after him to tell him he must sit down and that I could not come to him. The judges came and sat back down and made a rude remark about how they did not believe me, as if they thought they knew what I had done. I was a little thrown off guard because both of them had been so polite to me. (Even the media who have attempted to seem neutral in the past will feel free to show their true nature.) I responded with, "That was rude. You have not even heard my side of the story". What I said almost put them back in their original attitude, which was as if they were going to let me go free. (Both the judges were women.)

Just then I looked out into the blue sky and saw a plane flying low with its right wing missing. I then saw a fighter jet fly behind it. My first thought was that the fighter jet was the one that shot it and was trying to take it down, but soon realized it was only following it as an escort. (The powers that be will make war on the right wing but will have to guard the left wing when some rise up.) I tried to get the new judge's attention and it took some good poking, but finally I got her attention and I was then lifted up and watched in horror. The pilot of the plane was having a very difficult time keeping the plane in control. The plane then took a nosedive out of control. (The country cannot run without the balance the right wing brings to politics and the economy.) At that same moment I saw what looked like two nuclear bombs go off. I say "what looked like" because what I saw were two mushroom clouds, like the ones that are most commonly known as nuclear bombs. (This could imply another oil judgment to come with the destructive power of nuclear weapons. They have not stopped the well from leaking, with all their efforts. Matthew Simmons has stated that Sonar has shown the well too deteriorated by erosion to be affected by a top or bottom kill and the only option left is the nuke option.) Then a huge cloud of black smoke arose. When I saw the plane I was on one side of America --probably in the northern part of Oregon facing south toward California. Then the explosion and cloud of smoke happened in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico. (Notice that the explosions and crash of the economy happen "at the same moment" because the next Gulf tragedy may be man-made and may bring down the economy.) End of dream.

As I was pondering this dream, the Lord revealed to me that the plane going down represented the economy crashing. The Lord also showed me that the event in the Gulf will happen at the same time the economy crashes. He also showed me that the two nuclear bombs were not necessarily nukes, but the destruction was equal to two nukes going off. This is the second dream I have had with the Gulf blowing up. This dream has two judges, two events and two bombs. What the Lord, I believe, was showing me was that this will happen. He may have delayed it but it will happen. (Gen.41:32) And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh, it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass. (I don't know that there is a delay. Other dreams [like Heed the Warning or Become Captives and Crude Economic Tsunami] have clearly said that at some point some would feel it was safe to return and they would be caught in the disaster. The government news media has made some feel everything is fine now, so go back to sleep. Update - 11/29/10: The fissures are still hemorrhaging oil after an attempt to grout them that failed. There is still a crowd of ships, including a drilling rig above the site. Fisherman in LA are reporting miles of oil. BP says it's algae. Fisherman say, no, it's oil, and they have to use solvent to remove it from their boats.)

The right wing was not on the plane because the right wing in the government will not be there soon.

Second Cataclysm
Cheryl Bullard - 07/12/2010

(David's notes in red)

I live in Millbrook, Alabama, and the Holy Spirit revealed to me in 2007 that I will be taking in 'refugees' -- or people who will be coming to my home (downtrodden, poor, hungry, etc.). I also was made known by the Spirit that there would be a major cataclysm that would bring them to my door (the Lord showed them to me in one dream as "weeping willows" -- and His huge hand pushed them gently inside my front door in the midst of a storm).

In another dream they came with burned and charred thigh wounds (which I understand to equate to the "gracilis" muscle -- i.e., "grace" -- and the type of Jacob's struggle with the angel who forever changed his walk). At any rate, this first major cataclysm (oil spill causing loss of jobs, economy, health, housing prices, etc.) had everyone worried (except me -- in the dream I was dozing on the couch, like Jesus in the hull of the boat). But there was a second, even more major cataclysm that would come after the first and no one saw it coming in my dream, EXCEPT me ... and it was then that the Lord indicated to me, "It is time to go and go NOW" -- with no time to do anything except GO. (In our dreams, local UBM left the Gulf coast just before this happened. We have left ... get ready. I suspect this will come soon.)

So, I know that for now I'm to stay right where I am. But I know that after the first 'wave' there will be a second one that will be unexpected and the Lord is going to tell me (a separate dream He told me "they will depart from Grace St. upon my Word". We have a "Grace St". in our neighborhood, btw --but I took it to mean that the Lord will give us the Word about just "when" to depart).

Interestingly, the Lord showed me an amazing relationship of the "washpot of Moab" and the Gulf of Mexico "basin". The burden of Moab is what brings the Moabitess (Ruth) to the feet of her redeemer. I read Isaiah 15, the burden of Moab, as a prophetic type of what we expect to happen along the Gulf coast. (The great grief displayed in this chapter reflects the sorrow that will come after the Gulf disaster of the second cataclysm. The nobles among Moab are said in verse five to escape to Zoar, which is the little refuge city that Lot escaped to during the destruction of Sodom [Genesis 19:20-22]. I was also given the warning to Moab concerning our leaving the cities of the Gulf to flee unto the refuge in TN. {Jer.48:8} And the destroyer shall come upon every city, and no city shall escape; the valley also shall perish, and the plain shall be destroyed; as Jehovah hath spoken. {9} Give wings unto Moab, that she may fly and get her away: and her cities shall become a desolation, without any to dwell therein. ... {28} O ye inhabitants of Moab, leave the cities, and dwell in the rock; and be like the dove that maketh her nest over the mouth of the abyss. This last verse was spoken to me by the Lord when I learned from Garrett that the refuge God had chosen for us was over an earthquake fault. We were later shown in dreams this place would be separated from the land by an abyss. Please escape the Gulf coast while there is time and opportunity.)

There's lots more to all of that, but the point I wanted to share is that in Isaiah 15:7, the Lord showed me something about where my calling lies.. It says that the abundance they (refugees) have gotten, all they have laid up, shall be carried away to the "willows of the brook". If they flee the coast and come northward, inland about 200 miles, -- my house is in the "willows of the brook" -- I live in Willow Brook Estates, on the corner of Willow Brook Road and Willow Bend Road.

Dan Bohler prophesied a second catastrophe.

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