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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God's Mercy Delivers from Debt

Sherie McClendon - 04/13/2011

The first thing I would like to say is that God never ceases to amaze me; by the way He hears even our smallest worry that lies deep within us, knows every situation we are going through and has provided relief or an answer at times before we even have asked! You would think I would know that by now by the countless times He has heard my prayers.

Even now there have been some things that have bewildered me and I could not foresee how they could possibly work out, as in my case of getting myself in a financial mess that was beyond my ability to fix.

A few years ago, I received a great gift from God; it was the custody of my two little granddaughters. I say that they are a great gift because God has made me responsible for teaching them in the faith of Jesus Christ. I often wondered what "fruit" I produced for the Lord and thought I had not done enough for Him. Having Makenna and Kayce live with me has made me aware of how important one person can be in the lives of others.

Over these past years, I did my best to give the kids everything they needed, which became very expensive. Perhaps I should just say that I overcompensated in some ways to keep their minds off of their parents not being there for them. I began to borrow money and it became more than I could pay back. It was so easy in the beginning and I was sure I could handle the interest on these "easy" loans. But, before very long, I was in a huge financial bind. I had borrowed from four of these places and the interest was staggering.

I became very worried and anxious over these debts and could not find a way to pay them back. Once you borrow from these types of places, you have to continue borrowing because you must pay them out of your weekly or monthly income and can't replace the money that you have paid back. Some months ago, I began praying to God to help me find a way to pay them off. I needed the monthly interest paid to these accounts badly. Even though I knew God could do anything, these debts seemed too overwhelming to me and I could see no way out.

Last week I had reached a point where I was just very depressed. I couldn't seem to kick this deep depression within me. I didn't want to "defraud" these companies by not paying them back, which would have bothered me as badly as the debt itself. I lost hope and cried.

God being Who He is, heard my cries and once again, as He always seems to do for me, He answered my prayer. The amazing thing about what He does for me is that He never gives me more than I need, nor does He ever give me less. You would think by now I would know this through and through.

To finish the story, Monday night we had a very bad storm here. The basement of our house was flooded and some things were ruined. I called the insurance company and they sent an adjustor over. I thought they would give me the depreciated amount for the damages and that would be it. The things that were damaged were things that I would have most likely sold at a yard sale and there was nothing of sentimental value or that I cared about losing. The wonderful thing about all of this is that the insurance adjuster gave me a reimbursement that was almost the exact amount as what was owned on the loans. Thank you, Father, for your neverending love.

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