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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God's Faithfulness in Healing

David Whyte - 10/22/2009

I want to testify of the mercy and grace of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. Over the years since a 1959 Billy Graham crusade at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, I have experienced divine protection and healing even when I stumbled at properly understanding the true extent of the Real Good News. I had prescription glasses from junior high school on until an interesting experience I had just after I got out of the army in 1968. (Incidentally, the eye doctor told me my eyes would never correct themselves.) When I got out of the army, I felt like the Lord wanted me to move from California to Washington State. When I applied for my Washington driver's license, I flunked the eye test and was told I needed to have glasses in order to have my license renewed. As I left the licensing department, I was so distraught I prayed, "Oh Lord, I don't want to always wear glasses to drive". I reluctantly went to the eye doctor and got the stronger prescription and came back to the driver's license department.

With my new glasses, I again took the eye test and I flunked it again. The officer there told me he could not give me my license until I passed the test. I said, "Wait a minute" and took off my new glasses and asked him to give me the test again. I passed it with flying colors. What a merciful God to an ignorant believer. Since then, God has healed me of bad knees, carpal tunnel in both wrists, bursitis of the elbows and shoulders, torn rotator cuff on my left shoulder, chronic back trouble where it would go out under heavy labor (carpenter since 1965) and severe bowel (and I mean severe) pain and hemorrhoids.

I am presently trusting for manifest healing of kidney discomfort, of which I've had for years is healed, a nerve problem in my neck that causes my hands to go numb and also another bout with the eyes. Satan is trying to talk me out of my first recognized miracle. But God is faithful and these too will pass. I have never gone to the medical doctor for any of these ailments. None of them were any small thing and nearly, if not legally, disabling. I know God shows us all these things so we can have strong faith to know he will finish the work in our soul and spirit and that we will be a living testimony to all them who will believe. God Bless you.

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