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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Provides Washing Machines

Marlene Kier - 01/07/2008

I'm writing this to encourage others to stand firm and believe our Lord for provision, healing, etc., even if the manifestations seem to be taking longer than expected.

I had been firmly standing in the belief that The Lord was going to "heal" our washing machine. My faith was further strengthened as I listened to one of the UBM teachings as David began relating a time when The Lord "healed" his washer.

In my heart I knew that if The Lord did that for David He would also do it for me if I stood believing in faith. According to Acts 10:34-35 God is no "respecter" of persons, right?!!

Periodically I would lay hands on our broken washing machine and pray over it. It would fill with water and run through the cycles but would not "agitate" or "spin". Nevertheless, there were days I would (in faith) continue to use the machine as if it were working properly. I'd return only to find its "healing" had not yet manifested. Yet, there was something inside of me that refused to get discouraged.

I did wonder, though, why it was taking The Lord so long to manifest this "healing" of our washer when it seemed that He "healed" David's almost immediately.

My husband, Dennis, was getting weary of the inconvenience so began suggesting we go out to buy another washer. Some new washers were on sale for less than it would probably cost to call in a repairman. One day we even went out to a local "used appliance" store.

I kept holding off on making a decision to purchase another one. Even though this had been going on for about two months I was just certain The Lord was going to prove Himself faithful! Which, ultimately He did, in a way even better than I had expected!

On New Year's Day, friends of ours "tracked us down" as we spent the day at our son and daughter-in-law's house. They asked if we were still in need of a washer. A family member of theirs had gotten a "stackable unit" so no longer needed their regular washer (which was in perfectly wonderful condition). Our friends even offered to transport it to our home! What a blessing!

The Lord supplied us (free of charge) with a beautiful washing machine much "upgraded" from our broken one. He was well able to "heal" the one we had but chose to bless us with a much better model instead! Praise be to The Lord!

I have been very much blessed and encouraged by listening to all of the faith-inspiring testimonies on UBBS unedited or written on the America's Last Days website. God bless David and all of you!

In The Name of Jesus, I pray that God continue to grow all of us in our faith in Him and may He meet all of the needs of the brethren involved at UBM according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus! To God be all the honor and glory!

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