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God Healed My Dog's Back and Teeth

Trevor Haining - 03/22/2012

I am writing to share a healing testimony about one of my dogs.

He had a back problem for most of his life that caused him to tremble whenever it would be twisted even slightly more than usual. A few times, I commanded him to be healed in the name of Jesus and it would go away. It would come back, however.

Well, just a few weeks ago the vet said he had to get his teeth cleaned and that one of the teeth looked like it might have to be removed because it was infected. I laid my hands on him and commanded him to be healed in the name of Jesus and held fast my confession and cast down doubts that kept popping up in my mind. When the vet called with the report after getting his teeth cleaned, I was expecting to hear that his tooth was fine and would not need to be removed. Sure enough, the vet said it was fine and did not need to be removed. He has also not had a back problem since.

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