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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Turned Our Baby

Jason Burton - 02/26/2010

My wife, Kristi, went into labor on Saturday morning, the 6th of February. Contractions weren't too bad and not very close together until that night around midnight. We called out the midwife from Lynchburg (about an hour and a half away) and she got here around 2:00 am. She was such a blessing and so were her associates who came and gave willingly all that night and the next day. Kristi was in heavy labor all night long, but was a trooper. Toward the early morning time, we all were thinking that it would only be a couple more hours before the little one came. Unfortunately, Kristi stopped being in active labor around 9:00 am or so and the contractions started spacing out again and Leslie, our midwife, said she could tell the baby was turned in a weird way and was crooked. That was the reason the labor had stopped. She wasn't overly worried at that time, but said if it didn't turn then we'd need to start thinking about going to the hospital to have this baby. Well, Kristi didn't want this and I didn't want this. We all had a big pow-pow and that was the advice. They'd try a few things naturally and if the baby didn't move then we'd need to consider other options. It wasn't moving. I went to get back-up. :)

Mark 11:24 says, "Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." I called David Eells, all the way down in Florida, who prayed the prayer of faith with me and we agreed together that the Lord would turn that baby to the point where it would come out. Well, I walked back into the room and stated confidently that the baby WOULD TURN and Kristi's labor would start up again in a short time. Everyone looked at me and I knew I was out on a limb, but it was a strong limb. When you stand on the Word you are on strong and stable ground. Well, about one to two hours later Kristi started to have contractions again and the baby began to turn in the womb to the point where it would come out.

After several more hours of hard labor, the baby began to come. It was SO LARGE, however, that it got stuck. We lost the heartbeat for a few minutes. We went to prayer and within 25 seconds we found the heartbeat again. At this point everyone was tired and no one had much sleep. Kristi had only 30 minutes or so the entire previous 24 hours, on top of being in such pain and extreme effort. The baby was still stuck. Leslie said she would have to cut Kristi. There wasn't panic, but it was definitely tense. I left the room to pray. After what seemed like an eternity, I said confidently that, "this baby is coming out now!" I was sitting there thinking of all that we'd been through that day and night and just believing God in the face of a huge temptation to doubt Him. Kristi could be heard crying through the whole house and, literally, within seconds of me uttering that statement in faith, I heard the midwives yelling, "Jason, Jason! Come quick!" I ran in with tears brimming in my eyes to meet my little son, Ethan Hunter Burton (9 lbs., 11 oz.) who finally came out. Leslie, after many deliveries, actually cried after the baby came out because it had been such a hard but victorious night.

One last trial was still to take place. Not to get too graphic, but the placenta had yet to be delivered and it was not coming. After repeated attempts to deliver the placenta, the midwives actually sent for me to pray for the placenta to be delivered. Once again, I prayed in faith and guaranteed the Lord would do it. What did He say? Anything you believe for, if you don't doubt, then it will be done for you. He is our Savior, not just for our spirits when we die, but according to the Word, in every situation we need Him to be our Savior in, He will be there for us, if we have faith. Anyway, it didn't happen immediately. Every indication was that we would have to, after all of this time, head to the hospital after all. Satan was really coming against us. I stayed in faith and the Lord finally brought out that placenta and Kristi got to go to bed.

One last miracle was that Leslie said that Kristi was the first woman she has EVER cut where the woman did not tear beyond the cut AT ALL. No tearing at all. She said she'd never seen it and it's such a strange occurrence that she was going to share it with her colleagues. We had prayed all along for that delivery. God does not always spare us from a trial, but He always comes through in the trial to give us victory if we will stay in faith with Him and believe His Word for the problem we're facing. He showed His awesome sovereign power by allowing Kristi's body to respond like it did. All of the ladies were in awe at her strength, which we'd been praying for all along. Then to see what He did with that not tearing was just the hugest blessing.

We had MANY, MANY people praying for us all over the country. We could feel the prayers and the power of God coursing through the room. He was faithful. Thank you for all of your prayers! We are so, so thankful. I am just sitting here crying, thinking of all that we went through and how faithful our kind Savior was and still is. Trust Him with everything! When we get to the place where we are unable to save ourselves, then God loves to show His power.

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