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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Is Sovereign to Protect

Chris Bland - 10/19/2009

Tonight, as I was visiting a friend, we were rehearsing a miracle from approximately 10 years ago. After arriving home and listening to the UBM audio Beloved Spiritual Israel (2), I know I am supposed to testify.

About 10 years ago, my mom, grandmother, sister, my friend and I traveled to Kansas City to visit my uncle. At that time, I was a child in the Lord, having childish ways of serving the Lord, ways that brought more attention to me than to Christ; yet, God was merciful because He saw my future. While there, we went to a Kansas City Royals baseball game, but by that time in my life, I had lost interest in sports. I was consumed with reading the Bible and was criticized by my religious uncle as a "Bible thumper".Obviously, Satan agreed because as I was reading my Bible and everyone in the crowd around me was cheering, the baseball had been hit and was heading toward exactly where I sat, out of all the seats in the stadium where it could have headed! I was told by my friend after the cheering settled down around me that I would have been hit on the head with that speeding baseball if he had not reached out his hand over my head in time. My uncle and other family members there verified the same thing. I was awed momentarily, but went right back to reading. My friend's hand was not hurt. He did not catch the ball, but only kept it from hitting me while I was totally unaware. My uncle ended up picking up the ball and keeping it as a memorial. Today, my uncle is not a believer due to unanswered questions mainly over God's sovereignty, but by faith, I can see God using that ball to remind him just how sovereign He has showed Himself to be!

I heard you loudly and clearly, Brother Dave, when you were talking about God's promises to Jacob and to his seed followed by Jacob's sudden fear of his brother Esau and the 400 men with Esau. You said, "It's so easy for us to see something that causes us to start making decisions based on sight instead of by faith! We have to close our eyes sometimes and just trust God to do what He said He would do".I am here to testify that this is true! You could say, my eyes were closed to the world around me when I was protected from "the arrow that flew by day" (Psalm 91:5-6)! When we do not care what the world thinks about us and when our soul tunes out the fleshly crowd surrounding us and tunes in the Spirit of God as we get to know our Bridegroom Jesus Christ intimately by studying His Word, there is nothing the great red dragon can do to harm us! God has stationed a thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of heavenly warriors all around the Bride of Christ. My friend must have been given divine protection to be able to use his bare hand to block that ball from hitting my head.

This is a reminder to me and to all who read this that God is sovereign over every danger which we do not detect with our fleshly five senses nor know to pray about beforehand. Some think we have to pray about every danger in order to earn God's protection - not so! Prayer should not be seen as a work which we do in order to earn God's grace, which can only be received without any merit on our part. It is God Who is sovereign, not us! It has taken approximately 10 years since that event for the Lord to grow me up and, just now, I am testifying of that miracle after discovering God's sovereignty for myself! May all be inspired to do what Abraham did: Abraham was sleeping when God entered into a blood covenant to protect and provide for him and his seed. We too ought to trust God enough to sleep in the storm-tossed boat! If God could hide Christ from the violent enemies that encircled Him, there is nothing He won't do for Christ-in-us, while our eyes are totally closed to the danger approaching us! He who contends with us contends with Christ-in-us; and he who contends with Christ-in-us contends with the Father who dwells in Christ; and He wins, according to the end of the Book! Let us be diligent to enter into the rest, which Christ promised to all who come to Him.

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