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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Family Dog Healed from Poison

Ken - 04/30/2009

In December 2008, one of our three family dogs was poisoned. Our dog, named Mojo, likes visiting the other dogs in the neighborhood almost daily. Whenever it was feeding time in the evenings, he would be the first one waiting to be fed. When he ate, he would eat so fast that our family joked that the way he ate as if his living or dying depended on how quickly he finished his food.

One day, in late December, I noticed that Mojo was not waiting by his food bowl when I brought out the dogs' meals. The following day, the same thing happened. Only our two other dogs came to be fed. So I searched for Mojo and found him lying quietly near a bush in our compound. When I examined him, I found his eyes were not focusing as he looked at me and his breathing was slow and faint. Then I realized that he had been poisoned, as he was showing the exact symptoms several neighborhood dogs had shown before dying a few months earlier. The neighborhood dogs' deaths were all found out later to be caused by poisoning. Who or what poisoned them, I did not know.

One of our neighbors took her poisoned dog to the vet to be cured but the doctor said nothing could be done and the dog had to be put down. As I recalled the earlier dog poisoning incident, I said to the Lord, "Father, if the earlier incident is anything to go by, Mojo is surely going to die. But, Father, I do not walk by sight but by faith. I refuse to believe the bad report of the worldly view, that nothing can save my dog. I am going to lay hands on Mojo and command the sickness to leave and that he be healed in the name of Jesus."

Up to this point in time, I had been reading "Sovereign God" which had been kindly sent free to me. I read all the wonderful testimonies of healings of man and machine (cars, washing machines, etc.) and was greatly encouraged to walk by faith in God's Word.

I continued in prayer, saying, "Father, your word says in Mark 16:18 that if we lay hands on the sick they will recover. You did not say sick people but the sick. I believe your Word is true and that Mojo can be healed". So I laid hands on my dog and commanded him healed and then let him be. Later the next morning, my mother also prayed over Mojo. The prayer of faith and agreement in action. I had been sharing with her and my sister the wonderful "meat" from the "Sovereign God" book and they were encouraged to exercise their faith in their daily lives.

For the next two days, Mojo showed no signs of improvement but my family and I continually thanked the Lord for healing him. We believed it was already done, according to Mark11:24. At the dogs' feeding time in the evening on the third day after I had finished filling the other two dogs bowls, I looked up to see three dogs instead of only two waiting to be fed. Mojo was back. He ate very little that evening but the fact that he was up and about was a good sign. At meal time on the fifth day, Mojo was the first one waiting and back to his normal self with no sign of permanent injury. He was totally healed and remains so until today. Praise God.

This is the testimony of what God our Father did for Mojo, our family dog. Glory to God for His grace and mercy.

Thank you, UBM brethren, for sharing the unleavened truth of God's Word. God bless.

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