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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Family Simultaneously Delivered of 11 Afflictions

Eve Brast - 07/03/2008

My family was delivered of Asperger Syndrome (autism), bipolar disorder, asthma, sinus infections, food allergies, acid reflux, esophagitis, no thyroid, bad eyesight, broken toes and smoking over less than a five-month period through faith in the Word. I have also been receiving wonderful prophetic dreams. PTL!

Dear UBM,

I am writing to share some wonderful testimonies that have taken place in my life and the life of my family since reading the Sovereign God For Us and Through Us book back in January and February 2008.

First of all, my oldest son Noah (11) has been healed of Asperger Syndrome (high functioning autism) and bipolar disorder. My faith was awakened and I took courage in the promises of God and I completely took him off of all his medication (seven pills a day) that he had been taking for five years to control behavioral problems. He had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms and was able to finish the school year with minimal problems. By faith, I called the school and told them that we were taking him off of all his meds because we had prayed and believed that God had healed him. It was a great opportunity for his teachers to see a miracle.

Since then we have had trials of our faith and the symptoms tried to come back but I had already been through "hell on earth" from this demonic activity through my son that we had mistaken for mental illness, that there was no way I was going to accept it back once I knew the truth! The medications that he had been taking made him a zombie and took away his personality and stunted his growth. Now he is happy and has an animated personality and he is able to eat and has gone through a big growth spurt!

My middle son Elijah (5) was healed from severe asthma! He was taking two inhalers twice a day, Singular pills, Nasonex nasal spray for chronic sinus infections and he had to have nebulizer treatments on top of that. He has not had to take any of it since we stood on faith for his healing! We have had trials of our faith for him also and twice it tried to come back but I rejected it and cast it out again. He runs around and jumps on the trampoline and doesn't have problems breathing or being out of breath or with chronic sinus infections any more!

My youngest son Josiah (3) has been healed from food allergies and severe acid reflux. He had been allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts. Every time he would eat these foods he would have constant reflux and esophagitis so bad that he would almost lose his voice and would wake up crying all night. We stood on faith for this also and he has not had any problems with reflux or allergies to foods since. Again, when we were tested on this we stood firm on God's promises and the symptoms left very quickly.

My husband Eddie was healed from severe acid reflux disease and has not had to take Nexium for four months now! He can eat whatever he wants without any trouble. He had also recently broken two toes on his right foot and we prayed over them and they were completely healed within two days! He is able to fully bend them and move them now. He had injured the same foot years ago by dropping a weight on it and had not been able to bend those toes for years, but since God healed them recently he has regained the motion in his toes on that foot!

God delivered me from smoking in March, also! It's funny, the one thing that used to seem like such an insurmountable mountain to me just six months ago is a side thought now. I had originally quit smoking in March of 2007 but had done it with more of a white-knuckle approach. I believe God had helped me through it, but I mostly went about it through my own willpower. Satan would tempt me often to start again and I would be jealous when I saw others smoking because I still wasn't depending on God for strength. I felt I needed my crutch (idol) back. In Dec. 2007 I started smoking again. But by late Jan. 2008 I was reading Sovereign God For us and Through us and knew I needed to forsake this idol for good. I prayed to God to take the desire away for me this time because I knew that if any part of my deliverance came from my flesh that it would be another struggle and possible failure again. After I prayed to God to deliver me, I knew instantly that I was delivered. I still had a half a pack of cigarettes that I finished up but I realized that the desire to smoke them had left me and when the last one was gone, I knew I would never again want another. It has been that way ever since -- like I never smoked a cigarette in my life! Praise God!

These deliverances all happened simultaneously once I realized what Christ really did at the cross and that He still offers the same healing today that He did during His ministry on earth!

I myself have received a tremendous miracle. 10 years ago, I had my thyroid removed because of a cancerous tumor that had been growing in it. Since then I had taken total replacement hormone for my body systems to function normally. If I missed more than two or three days in a row of taking it, I would not be able to hear my alarm to wake up in the morning and I would not be able to think clearly that day. (The doctors told me that I could not live without this replacement hormone and that the body cannot function without it indefinitely because all the body systems will shut down and I would eventually slip into a coma and die.)

Well, about a year ago the doctors kept having to retake my thyroid blood levels and adjust my prescription dosage down because every six weeks when I would go in to have the blood level drawn again, it would still be too high! I didn't understand what was happening at the time and was becoming frustrated at the lab and the doctor. After I read Sovereign God, I realized, or the Holy spirit told me, that God had been growing my thyroid back all this time in preparation for the coming wilderness time ahead! I reached up to my neck and felt around the scar and sure enough there is something there again! ! !

I had wondered in the past about this situation in a wilderness-type environment, with no access to meds or health care. Now I don't have to be concerned about it anymore! I have been off my thyroid replacement meds for three months now and feel more energy now than I had while taking it. God is a good God ! He truly will meet all our needs even before we ask or before we have come to fully know the truth! I know God has wonderful things for me to serve Him with in the near future and that I won't leave this earth until He is finished with me.

I also laid aside my glasses four months ago and believe that God has healed my eyes. This has been a true test of faith because there is seeing and then there is sight! I didn't understand at first why I didn't receive my healing as quickly as all the others had manifest. After about a month of standing on the promises of God and shutting doubt and discouragement out of my mind and eventually just throwing my glasses in the garbage, I asked the Lord why I hadn't received the manifestation of my eyes being healed yet. He had me open my Bible and put my finger down and it was on 2 Cor. 12:9 where He said to Paul, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my power is made perfect in weakness". As I continued on to read those verses, I realized that this was going to be a flesh-crucifying gradual process to test my faithfulness to His Word and to work patience in me and make me more dependant on Him and others around me for their help. (I was always a very independent type.)

Today I am glad to report that my physical sight has improved at least 50%! But even better, God revealed to me recently at the beginning of June that He was going to improve my spiritual sight! I then realized that this is when He started giving me wonderful dreams in the night! Dreams like I've never had in my life. I'm not one of those people who ever dreamed all that much and I sure didn't remember anything when I woke up.

But Praise God for spiritual sight! I WOULD RATHER HAVE THAT THAN THE OTHER ANY DAY, even though I fully expect my physical sight to continue to improve. God's ways and His timing are so much higher and better than anything we could imagine or hope for! ! ! Glory to God for His mercy and love toward us.

Thank you, Father, for Your gifts of healings. Thank you all at UBM for all the hard work and faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the brethren.

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