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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The False Prophet

Experience and the Word have taught me concerning prophecy that if the majority of God's people believe something, it must be wrong. God hides his truths in dreams or visions that are parables so that the false prophets and carnal Christians cannot see them (MT 13:10-13) but privately he explains them to his disciples (Followers MK 4:33,34). He hides things from the wise and understanding (of this apostate religious system) and reveals them to babes (Lk 10:21). Overcomers get to partake of the hidden manna (Rev 2:17)(Pr 25:2). John's Revelation was given to him as a parable of Jesus. If it were literal the false prophets would know what is going to happen and that is contrary to Jesus' own words. When the disciples were young and under the law they did not recognize the false prophets. As a matter of fact, they respected them! So it is today! I want to show you who have eyes and ears who the false prophet is and what is his work. The False Prophet is a corporate body of religious leaders that to the trained eye resemble those of Jesus' day. In all of Jesus, Peter, and John's writings outside of the book of Revelation the warning is that false prophets (plural) would come. In Revelation false prophet (singular) is used, but in an allegory. Since Jesus said in the end time (MT 24:14) many false prophets shall arise (v-11,24) then the false prophet in Revelation is a symbol of a corporate body like the rest of the characters are. It's the only way that Jesus and John can both be right. You might say "David, aren't you sharing the secrets with the false prophets?" Have no fear, they are too proud to admit they have passed on the lie of the traditions of men and repent. Moses prophesied the coming of the true prophet and the false prophet (DT 18:15-22). The true prophet is of course the Son of God Jesus Christ. He is the spirit (1 Cor 15:45) and head of his body the Church which is female (Epe 5:23). Jesus' headship is manifest physically through the 5-fold ministry (Epe 4:11). The senses of the head correspond to the ministers. Example: Prophet-eyes (Isa 29:10) - Evangelist-mouth (ministry to those outside the body) - Teacher-ears (1 K 3:9,12 understanding=Heb hearing see also 10:3). It takes the 5-fold ministry to raise up others into the head (Epe 4:15). These days because of the Nicolaitan error which Jesus hates (Rev 2:6,15), the pastor usurps the authority of the rest of the 5-fold ministry. Just as the spirit of Christ is manifest through men to lead his body, the church, the spirit of antichrist (1 Jn 4:3) is manifest through men (false prophet) to lead his body the harlot. The false prophet has a female body also, the harlot. Christ sows his seed (Greek: sperma-the word Mt 13:18-23) in his body and the false prophet in his. In Rev 13:11 we see the head of the false prophet with "two horns like unto a lamb, and he spake (see also 13:5) as a dragon" (beast). In verse 15 we see the body (harlot) of the false prophet. "And it was given to her to give spirit to the image of the beast". Bible numerics shows a perfect pattern for "her" in the ancient manuscripts and in the most accurate new testament, the Numeric English New Testament by Ivan Panin. There is no pattern in "he" or "it". Numerics show beyond a shadow of a doubt which manuscript is right and where. Let me show another way. In 1 K 18, Ahab represents the beast with ten horns, for he ruled over the apostate ten tribes, who worshiped the image of the beast (the golden calf). Ahab's wife Jezebel (compare Rev 17:1-3 for relationship) is a clear type of the harlot (Rev 2:20) for she was guilty of the blood of the prophets and of the saints (1 K 18:4)(ZK 9:7)(Rev 18:24). In Rev 17:16 when the Beast is through using the harlot he devours her, and so it is with Jezebel (1 K 21:23). The true ministers of God are fed at the Churches table (1 Cor 9:13,14) and the false prophets (corporately the false prophet) are fed from Jezebel's table (1 K 18:19). The false prophets of Baal and the false prophets of the Asherah represent the two horns of the false prophet in Rev 13:11. Find out who Baal and Asherah represent in modern times and you will know who the corporate false prophet is. These two go back to the tower of Babel and were originally Nimrod (Gen 10:8-10) and his wife Semiramis. When Nimrod died and Semiramis became pregnant she claimed that Nimrod had become the Sun God (Baal) who then by virgin birth was reborn as her (The Virgin=Asherah) son, Tammuz (Son of God). Then of course the Babylonian worshiped the false Father, Son and Virgin about 2,300 years before the true Virgin birth. Semiramis probably knew of the prophecy in Gen 3:15 concerning the virgin birth. At the dispersion at Babel this legend went throughout the World and these three were given different names in different cultures, many of which are in the Bible. The golden calf in Egypt was a symbol of the Father (Baal) in the Son. Pharaoh's title meant Great Temple of the Sun God. Sun images all over the world and in Catholic and Eastern Churches symbolize the false Son. As we saw in the previous chapter the Israelites with their golden calf thought they were worshiping "YHWH" or "Elohim", the true God, but it was Baal, another Jesus. One horn the 450 prophets of Baal represent those who teach another Jesus. This is the apostate protestant minister. The other horn is the 400 prophets of the Asherah or those who worship the virgin. This is the Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, and many others that are into Mariolatry. Mary is my sister and I love her but she is not the mother of God. Rom 1:3 says she is the mother of Jesus' flesh which is "Son of Man". His spiritual man was "Son of God" (Verse 4) and born of God. John 3:6 says "that which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit". Some would say the two horns are the apostate leaders of the Christian religion and the leaders of false religions. To this I agree and in the chapter on "The Harlot and the Beast" I will address the subject of larger and smaller types. The false prophet has always been the head of the harlot and she sitteth (present tense) on 5 world empires that are fallen (but still present) that were never Christian (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media Persia, and Greece). The corporate leadership of all false religion Christian (so called) or otherwise is the false prophet.

Emperor Constantine was head of the early Roman Empire or beast as Daniel 7:7 describes it. Rome was the great beast devouring all the beasts before it (Verse 23). Much like the world is today his kingdom was divided because of much religious faction. Because of Babyl there was to the untrained eye similarities between the pagan religions and Christianity. In order to unite his empire Constantine decided to capitalize on these similarities and merge paganism with Christianity. Through the temptations of bribery and power the backslidden leadership of Christianity gave in. Constantine gathered together at his round table religious leaders of every set and gave them a position of authority. This corporate false prophet was to advise him, and exercise authority over his religious empire. He presided over their councils and put down individual theological differences for the sake of unity. "That which hath been is that which shall be" (Ecc 1:9). Our modern day revival of the Roman beast, the United Nations (see The Harlot and the Beast) has within its body the whole earth (Dan 7:23) and is doing exactly what Constantine did to unite the earth. The "World Conference on Religion and Peace" was a gathering together under the U.N. of all sects of religious leaders from all over the world to bring unity to religion and hopefully the world. This corporate false prophet with the authority of the U.N. has created a corporate one world religion called the United Religions (the U.R.). They are due to start operation in June of 2000. I believe this is when the beast shall make a firm covenant with many for one week (see Daniel's 70th week). Once when I was teaching on the false prophet about 8 years ago a brother came into the meeting who had just received a confirming dream.

Mark W. Dream

I went to church and the altar to get delivered from smoking. There were many people up front. I knew that the pastor was walking toward me to get away from someone who smelled like smoke and I thought, "I hope he doesn't come down here because I smell like smoke too". Just then my sister came to me very happy and said "Oh it's OK now look over there". I looked over and saw this man light up a cigarette. There were some booths and a sign that read "smoking section". People said "you don't have to quit because now we can smoke in church". I said "no, I want to quit smoking" (spiritually smoking is to partake of an unclean spirit because "breath" and "spirit" come from the same word in the Old Testament and in the New. Smoke is an unclean breath. "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, and is become a habitation of demons, and a prison [booths] of every unclean spirit...) Then the scene changed and I saw on T.V. that everyone was rejoicing because a great agreement had been made to have "one church". I saw the agreement was two stacks (two horns of the false prophet) of paper but nothing was written on them (a sign that everyone will drop their doctrinal demands, which in the case of Christians is truth, in order to have unity [Jude 3,4]). Then I went to this extremely big church. I couldn't even see the other end of it (obviously the corporate church). I happened to look in the wrong door and noticed a giant ministers conference. They were being shown a film on how to scan bar codes on the foreheads of their congregation with a beam of light (the world) without them knowing it. This is the corporate two horned false prophet who makes merchandise of the people of God (2 Pet 2:1-3) and the Word of God (2 Cor 2:17 in Greek) and marks those belonging to the beast in their foreheads (minds Rom 8:5-6)(Rev 13:16). Remember in Jesus' day, the "respectable" religious folks who walked after the mind of the flesh cast their vote against him. They were followers of a "respectable" group of ministers who gave them that mind using the word (light). Remember 10 out of the 12 tribes and their ministers worshiped the beast (golden calf) and had his mark in their foreheads (mind) and hand (works). The false prophets are the ones who war against this word the most. It's an honor to have these against me as they were against my lord Jesus. They protect their prestige, authority, position and bank account. Draw close to God and his word so you may be able to recognize them. Dan 3:4,5 says, "Then the herald cried...peoples, nations, languages... fall down and worship the golden image (of the beast). This word "herald" is the only Greek word in the text at a time before Greek became a world language. It is the same word used in the New Testament for preacher. The command to worship the image (Rev 13:14,15) will come from the pulpits in the form of a deception so strong that if possible even the elect (Mt 24:24) will be deceived. If the truth weren't hidden in the parable of Revelation, there would be no strong delusion. In Dan 3:7 all worshiped the image, even the Israelites except Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. These three wouldn't bow because they wouldn't eat of the beast's food (word) and wine (nature) and be defiled (Dan 1:5-16). If you receive the word and nature of a Babylonish false prophet you too will be defiled and bow down (Mt 15:6-20).

In Constantine's court there sat the senate, secular rulers over the countries under his control. These foreshadowed the ten horns in Daniel's vision of the end time Roman Empire (Dan 7:7). The ten horns that thou sawest are ten kings (end time secular rulers), who have received no kingdoms as yet, but they receive authority as kings, with the beast for one hour (Rev 17:12). The horn represents power for it is the weapon of the beast. A king without his kingdom has no power. These kings gave their kingdom to the beast (Rev 17:17). From among these kingdoms in Constantine's day arose the religious rulers. They were different, for they were a corporate body of religious leaders from among all the kingdoms. This is exactly what Dan 7:8,24) says. The little horn came "up among" the ten and was "different from the former" because he was a corporate religious body among leaders of corporate secular bodies. That the little horn is the false prophet of Rev 13 is easy to see because it had eyes (Dan 7:20) which makes it a prophet (Isa 29:10). He had "a mouth that spake great things" (Dan 7:20) and made war on the saints (verse 21). This identifies the false prophet who was given to the beast in Rev 13:5-7 for the false prophet is the beasts mouth to religious people. In Jesus' time the corporate false prophet kept the people in line for the beast (Rome) because of the threat of loss of position (John 11:47,48). It was this corporate false prophet who was guilty of the blood of Jesus, the Apostles and prophets (Mt 23:29-36). Pilot, representing the Roman beast, did not want to kill Jesus. This is the way it will be in our day.

Another type of the little horn was Antiochus Epiphanes in 175-164 B.C.. He came up among the horns of the division of Alexander the Greats kingdom and was king of Syria which means "lifted up". I emphasize that this king of the "lifted up" was a type because many believe that the history of his acts in Daniel are literally speaking of the end time antichrist. Daniel prophesies what is clearly now history in 8:9-14, 23-26 / 11:21-39 regarding Antiochus, but he is also a type and shadow of what is to come. His compelling interest was to subject God's people to himself much like the false prophets of today. He "magnified himself" 8:25 above all the gods of the Harlot and "the one desired of women" (Dan 11:37 - literal Hebrew=Jesus Isa 4:1, seven women=church Rev 1:11). He deposed the Jewish high priest Onias 3 and usurped his place. If you permit a person to exalt themselves or their teaching above Jesus and the scriptures, they become to you a false prophet. He will even use the word to paint an image in your mind of a false Jesus (2 Cor 3:18) which is none other that the image of the beast (spoken of later). Antiochus in his position as "lord of God's heritage" then sacrificed a son on the altar and sprinkled the Holy Place with the swines broth. He cast down many of God's people and caused them to lose their position in the heavenlies like the end time saints (Dan 8:10 Epe 2:6 Rev 6:13). He took away the continual burnt-offering (Dan 8:11 11:31) which in the end time will be in the middle of the tribulation or seventieth week of Daniel (Dan 9:27). We are the sanctuary or temple of God (1 Cor 3:17). Our old life is the continual burnt offering (Rom 12:1) as we take up our cross and follow Jesus and lose our old life (Mt 16:24,25). It is a burnt offering because in the midst of the fiery trial (1 Pet 4:12 / Mt 3:11,12) when we obey God the flesh burns up (2 Cor 4:16,17). When we walk in the sin the burnt offering ceases (Dan 8:12). We are as gold and silver refined in the fire by burning up the impurities (flesh Mal 3:2,3). A son is not a sacrifice "acceptable to God" (Rom 12:1) because it identifies those whose life is not acceptable. They follow the false prophets and are defiled, turning back to their sins (2 Pet 2:1-3, 18-22). These are they who give up their life of sacrifice (burnt offering) in the middle of the tribulation and take the mark of the beast (Rev 13:5-7, 16-18 / Dan 9:27) having been deceived by the false prophets. If you allow the false prophets to identify the mark of the beast and the image you will not be able to see it when it comes. The Pharisees and Sadducees could not identify the true Image of God, Jesus Christ. What makes you think that they could today? It is not the visible Image and Mark of the beast that you should fear, but the invisible. This is how it can be a deception. (More later) Antiochus also set up a statue of Jupiter in the Holy of Holies. He like the little horn of Ahab's day, Jesus' day, Constantine's day, and the U.R. of our day gives to the people a false Image of God. Even among Christians you will notice there are different ideas about who Jesus is, what is his nature, what is his teaching, and what is his attitude toward us. Much of this leads people to worship another Jesus which is an abomination. Become familiar with the Jesus of the Bible, the true Image of God (Heb 1:3 / Jn 1:1). The tip of the little horn starts in the leadership of the U.R. but like Mark W'.s dream shows it goes all the way down to the man in the pulpit. All of them together are the false prophet the head of the harlot. "Be not many of you teachers, my brother, knowing that we shall receive the heavier judgment" (James 3:1).

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