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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Faith for Babies to Sleep

Ryan Clement - 12/19/2010

God has been giving me grace and discipline to spend time in His Word early in the morning. Now that we have a little baby and another on the way, ensuring this time is reserved for the morning is even more important. This morning, I was having a great time studying the Word and learning some things that I planned to share with a local assembly this evening, things regarding the old man versus the new, the flesh verses the spirit -- vital things that many don't know about. I rose early, but as I was starting my study, I heard my daughter start whining, crying and tossing about in her bed. Usually, if she does this, she will not go back to sleep but will start crying harder and harder, and my wife or I have to go in and console her.

Well, this morning, she first started whimpering at 6:04 a.m. My wife was not feeling well and I knew that I would have to go get my daughter if she woke up. But today I felt led to pray and ask God to allow my daughter one more hour of sleep so that I might continue my study. I prayed and was asking God to give her one more hour of sleep, but as I was praying, I realized I needed to command this in faith and stand on that confession of faith, rather than just asking. So I did this and then the trial started. Thoughts such as, what if she wakes up and really starts crying ... what about your faith then? and one more hour is too long...just go get her up so that you can blame yourself instead of God for her waking up before an hour, etc.

And she would periodically start whimpering and tossing. But I continued to stand by faith and, as one saint has said, I "dared to believe" the confession I made since I truly felt it was of God. Well, it's now 7:14 a.m. and she remains asleep. Praise God!

I knew God would also give me time to write this testimony. It is also more amazing because she went to bed earlier than normal but is sleeping later than she did yesterday!

I am not always strong in faith but the testimonies from UBM and other brethren recently have really been encouraging me. As UBM has been saying recently, if God will honor faith for one, He will do it for anyone who believes Him and stands firm. He is not a respecter of persons.

I hope this encourages the saints. God bless you all. She is fully waking up just as I finish this.

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