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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Escaping Babylon for Zion

LaKeisha Davis - 02/11/2011
(Rob Miller's notes in red)


In a dream, my mom and I were walking back from a store, north toward the highway. (Walking north with your mom away from a store represents you and the Church beginning to leave the Babylonish world's merchandising, schools and idols that are bought and sold.)

The city was pretty modern and crowded, and it was getting dark, but it was not dark yet. As we were walking, I looked to my left (west) toward downtown. (Babylon in Isaiah 25:3 is likened to "a city of terrible nations". To the left of you, down in the sin city, it will become very dark, as that is where the goats will reside as we enter the tribulation.)

I saw four white streaks in the sky coming toward Earth, parallel to each other at once. (The first four seals of Revelation 6 will open almost simultaneously once the covenant with many is signed and the tribulation starts.)

I knew they were nothing good, but I didn't know what they were. Then, as I kept walking, I saw another single white streak coming toward Earth after the first four, then another one after that one by itself too, and I think I saw one more but I'm not too sure about that. (None of the first four seals will be good for anyone walking north, perpendicular from our left. The other white streaks represent the other seals that will also be opened during the tribulation.)

Then I told my mom that we have to go! So I started running toward the right directly across crowded traffic, without getting hit, with my mom following me. (We must turn right, completely contrary to the direction of the world and Babylon and begin to flee because that is where our Psalm 91 protection is.)

I saw a woman with other people in her car and stopped her and told her that we have to leave because something bad is about to happen. She responded in a rude way that she was going downtown (where the disaster was going to strike). (The woman in a car filled with people represents the Babylonish harlot church that will not accept the warning of truth from the true church but will turn further down into the left of iniquity and judgment.)

So I left and got on the right side of the road and began to walk instead of run with my mom. (Once you have run away from the sin city and the apostate church, you may safely walk with the true JESUS on the narrow path up mount Zion.)

I remember seeing a building, so I went toward it. It had people who looked exactly alike. I tried to warn them too, but they just looked at me weird. I began to say that some out of every race have been rejected and I asked them if they were going to reject me too, which they did. (The harlot will bring all the races and religions of the world together to agree. They will look exactly alike in their One World Order denomination during the tribulation. The remnant from all nations/races will be rejected because they refuse to agree with the harlot but will be accepted into the true church, for they will be separate.)

So I went in the building -- I don't know why -- then they tried to capture me to harm me, but I escaped out the back door and came around again to the front. Except this time I saw people sitting at a table waiting for someone I knew to be in the ranks of a priest, if not a priest. The car that he was supposed to arrive in was parked with a person in the front seat. I asked them who they were waiting for. They said so-and-so. I said, "Oh, I have his number. Hold on. I'll call him".When I called, I think he said he couldn't make it, but there could have been no answer (ask Jesus to reveal this to you). So I kept walking forward toward the highway with my mom. (The apostate Church is expecting Jesus, our High Priest, to come for them but he won't. The Father will begin to draw many toward His Son, as the great harvest begins. They will bounce in and out of apostate churches in their search for truth, suffering hurt as they flee apostasy. They will call out to the Jesus these apostate churches offer but the real Jesus will not answer and idols cannot answer back, so they walk out and head again toward Mount Zion.)

On the way, either under or on the other side of the highway, my mom saw an old friend who wanted my mom to help her get something located to the left of the broad road, going under the highway perpendicularly. I told my mom not to go because we had to leave but she was telling me she would be right back. I can't remember if she took a step to the left, but when I took a step to the left to follow her, I got a feeling that told me not to go that way. I knew that if I did I would be disobeying God. Then I began to cry hysterically and begged and pleaded with my mom to follow me because I couldn't go with her. I don't remember her going in a direction; she kind of stood still, but as I took a step to the right (east) where the sun rises but had not yet risen, I saw people walking in a unified manner from all directions in the direction I was going (east). (We must continue on the narrow road, fastening our eyes on the mark of the high calling, not allowing any of the powers of darkness to draw us away from the prize to the left, even if our own loved ones or much of the church appear to be drawn away for a time.)

Then I had looked up at huge TVs because all the power went out in the city and it was the only power in between downtown and the east. They said that all power supply had been cut back or ended due to tax cuts: Biblical daylight view. The word "world" was somewhere in it. Then I woke up. It was 2:59 am when I looked at the clock. (As we enter into the second half of the tribulation, the beast system is going to use all the electronics available to monitor the body of the beast and capture the body of Christ fleeing Babylon into their physical wilderness by this time, as the cities slip into deep darkness. The clock showing 2:59 is one minute before 3:00, when our LORD said, "It is finished" and HIS flesh was completely forsaken (dead), just like ours must be by the end of the tribulation!)

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