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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Elderly Father Delivered of Demons

Pat L. DeRenzo - 03/21/2010

On the 4th of March I sent in a prayer request as follows:

My dad seems to be aging a lot faster lately and I'm not sure how much longer he will be around, but God has given me the time to talk to him about the Lord and change some of his Catholic beliefs and philosophy. I can only say he is open, but not yet ready to surrender his childhood teachings the Catholic church drills into each member of the church. He has started to see little people around him when I'm not there. He describes them as little children and they are always looking at him from outside or in the apartment. But when I am around he says they disappear, so I pray and plead the Lord's protection from these visions my dad has, which I say is the demons waiting and watching. He says they look like little kids, not like monsters or demons, and he doesn't seem to be afraid of them because they haven't approached him yet, but they are intruding in his space, which he doesn't like. I have been awakened many times at night listening to him talking or yelling at them and when I enter he tells me what is happening but they also disappear at that time. So, Robin, ask David and all of UBM for the prayers I need for my dad's deliverance, salvation and protection.

Since then my father has turned completely around. The little people he was seeing have departed. I always called them demons and his mind has completely become aware to the reality around him. Conversations are now two-way rather than just talking into the air without any responses. He is now sleeping well through the night and has shown signs of being refreshed during the day. He doesn't seem to nap as much anymore. I've been able to talk with him more about his Catholic beliefs and he has seen a lot of the wrong things the church has instilled in him.

God is good and I praise Him for what HE is doing with my earthly father. My prayer now is that I can get my dad to accept the Lord completely and come away from the Catholic teachings. I know he hasn't long before he will pass and I pray God will draw him to be saved.

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