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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Dislocated Shoulder Healed

Leisa Miller - 05/12/2007

This is a testimony to God's glorious ways and mercy. One day a couple of months ago I was doing my laundry. I felt a strange feeling in my arm. It had become difficult to lift it straight out and not at all above my head. It was not too painful but it seemed as though I was losing use of my arm. By the next the day my arm had become very sore. On the third day it was in such pain that it was constantly reminding me just thinking about moving my arm. On the fourth day I was unable even to walk. The pain that came with the movement of my body was unbearable. I was telling my husband about the symptoms as he asked me how I was feeling. He asked me if I wanted him to look the symptoms up on the computer to determine what it might be. I told him that I did not want to know that, I wanted to just wait for the Lord to heal me.

I prayed often. With every pain I would cry out to Him. My husband, loving me much and wanting to take away my pain, went and looked up my symptoms. He came to me and told me that what he found sounded like my shoulder was dislocated. The pain grew and grew. I was couch-bound and I only moved to use the restroom. I asked the Lord why this was happening to me. He said to me, "Faith without opportunity to exercise it dies". My husband, hearing my groaning and constant pain, grew weary himself. My husband is a loving man and He knows that I desire to trust God in everything. He never suggested that I should go to the hospital but he kept asking me what I wanted him to do. I said to him, "Honey, I just want to trust in God but I know that it is hard for you to see me in this pain. If you want to say to me that you want me to go to the hospital, I will go."

At first he did not say. He instead looked into popping my arm back into its socket. He found all sorts of methods. My heart would fail at the idea of him even touching my arm. He came to me and said, "Leisa, let's try to put it in". I agreed, in tears. I had my son call my mom and ask her to read the Bible to me while He popped my arm in. I said to her, "Mom, I am going to put you on speaker phone and I need you to read to me. If you hear me screaming please read louder so that I can hear you". My husband helped me onto the floor and he proceeded to do as the instructions said. The pain was horrendous. It was worse I think than having labor pains, and most of us ladies know how painful that is. My mom asked me what I wanted her to read. I told her to just open it, that God will give me what I need. I never knew what she read to me but of all of what she read one thing rang very loudly to me as I prayed and screamed through my pain. That was that, "My children cry out to me in their trouble". Well, he could not pop it in. I cried and cried. There was no relief, no end to the pain.

About 10:00 that night he said to me, "If we are going to go to the emergency clinic then we had better getting going". I was exhausted and thinking about a drive was hard. It was winter still and I was unable to put enough clothes on to be covered well. I prayed to God, God, let this glorify you that I would obey my husband that he might have comfort because he loves me so much and does not yet understand the need of these sufferings. He covered me with a blanket and helped me into the car. We arrived at the clinic and they took us in right away.

The doctor came and wanted to move my arm all about. I permitted in tears and pain. As she was feeling and pushing things around in my shoulder she was asking me questions. I told her the pain started while I was folding clothes. She seemed baffled. She asked me if I had done any heavy lifting. I told her no. She asked me if I had injured my arm in the past. I said no. So she said to me that she had determined that I had all the symptoms of my shoulder being dislocated, though she had never heard of one happening without a cause. She then told us that there was no x-ray machine there and she could not fully diagnose my arm, and that she could not give me any narcotics to ease my pain because of the baby. She gave me instead a Motrin (which my husband had for him at home). He gave my husband a prescription for a stronger dose of Motrin and then charged us $150 for the office call.

My husband was a bit upset that they had charged us though they did not even diagnosis me really. Then we could not find a pharmacy open so we just went home. That night once again I slept on the couch sitting up with a heating pad on my shoulder. I gave thanks to God for this opportunity and I knew that it was God's will that they could do nothing for me. I went to sleep.

In the morning my husband had gone off to work and to pick up the prescription. But to his surprise when he came home I was up and vacuuming the floor. He said to me, "What are you doing?" I turned to him and said. I am healed. He said to me, "Wow, really?" -- almost in disbelief. We took note of how the computer and the doctor gave a 6 to 8 week healing prognosis. But the Lord had healed me in 5 days. Praise God. I know that I was blessed because I trusted God and obeyed my husband. God's ways are not our ways, until they are.

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