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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Divine Appointments

Kaile Hamilton - 12/14/2007

When I was traveling home for winter break, one of my UBM friends told me that I should witness to someone while I was waiting for a connecting flight. I then told that person that if the Lord wanted me to witness to someone, they would initiate the conversation. While I was waiting for my flight to start boarding, a girl about my age, maybe a little older, began a conversation with me. She told me she had recently married about seven weeks earlier and was six weeks pregnant. She asked me my major in college and that led into my testimony of the Lord healing my eyes and how the Lord was putting a desire in my heart to change the direction of my life -- I needed to direct my attention to the Lord and away from school. She told me she was a Christian and what a blessing it was that the Lord put the desire in my heart to change direction. Unfortunately, at this point in our conversation, we began to board the airplane and she was seated several rows behind me. Praise God, He was not done yet.

I soon realized that the person seated next to me was a man who had briefly talked to me about how long he had been waiting at DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) when our gate changed. It was very interesting that we were sitting next to each, for I believe it was a sign from the Lord for me to witness to him since he initiated the conversation. We began talking and of course he asked what my major was in college and I told him that I was studying pre-med/Biology, but that the Lord had recently changed my heart. I also gave him the testimony concerning the healing of my eyes and God showing me that He wanted me to spend my time as a student of His Word rather than things that have no eternal value. Richard was his name, and Richard said that he really admired my testimony and the desires of my heart. Richard then proceeded to share that his mother was in remission from pancreatic cancer and he knew that the doctors couldn't heal her, and that it could only have been the Lord. Richard was hoping that it was the Lord Who healed his mom. So I agreed with Richard and praised the Lord. Richard also encouraged me to involve myself with a mission and to use my time off from school to serve others for His glory. I told Richard that I would pray about that.

Then all of a sudden, the man sitting across the aisle from me said, "I'm sorry to be listening to your conversation, but I couldn't help it. I just wanted to tell you how inspired I am about your testimony and the fact that you are stepping out in faith about the next step you are going to be taking in life. I am a missionary and I love hearing testimonies like that". I was thinking, wow, this is awesome! God set this all up and I was part of a divine appointment. I was in awe. Brett was his name and he was encouraging me to do something missions related, as our Father can use that for His glory, agreeing with my earlier conversation with Richard.

We began talking about missions and how Brett had just come from Sierra Leone and was visiting his parents in Amarillo for a few days and then was on his way to Uganda for a few weeks. The conversation led to denominationalism and how this was tearing the body apart. It was really awesome! The guy that was sitting in front of Brett turned around and said, "I've really enjoyed hearing all of what you all have been talking about and I feel the same way about the denominations". He said how he had been to a few churches and didn't agree with all the church doctrine.

Brett began talking to this guy and I completely forgot to mention UBM, which saddens me. But, maybe one day I will see him again. Richard began to tell me how at times the Lord puts a desire in our heart to only focus on him because He wants us to realize that He is the most important thing in our lives. Richard told me of a few times in his life that He felt the Lord was leading him into that kind of time.

Toward the end of the conversation, Brett started praising God because he knew that we were all sitting there by His hand and it was a blessing to be a part of it. Praise God for His divine appointments!

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