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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Deceived By a False Jesus

Belinda Anderson - 09/09/2011
(David's notes in red)

Hello, David. I was listening to a Bible study you did back in the spring of 2006 on The Threshing Floor. This study lines up pretty well with what's going on right now with God's people and events in the world.

The Lord is definitely separating the wheat from the chaff. We have all suffered many trials to get us prepared for what's coming very soon now. Like in childbirth, there must be some pain, but in the end, the pain was worth the reward.

God is allowing many apostates to come against us to try our faith. The true people of God will not be misled or fall prey by these people. The tribulation is getting closer and our birth pains are getting stronger and closer, as well. The Lord will be raising up his man-child soon. Praise The Lord! My prayers are for the weak in the faith, that the Lord will protect them as they are growing into maturity.

This all brought to my remembrance a dream I had back last year.

I dreamed that I was walking down the street and I saw some people going up to people on the street and asking them if they would like to be in the audience of a new game show. I kept watching as these people were drawing a large crowd by telling people they could win a house, car, boat, trips, money, etc. (This represents prosperity, love of the world, personal gain, bribery by the flesh, Christianity.) When they got all the people they needed to fill up the audience, they took them all inside the darkly-lit building. They gave each person a sheet of paper with a number on it and had them all sit down. I saw an elderly man complaining as they handed him his paper. He told them he did not want to be in the audience, that he was brought into the building by force. They made him take the paper anyway and two men took him to his seat and told him to sit down. (The New World Order and its religion will take authority over all. The more mature Christians do not enjoy playing the worldly games with the apostates.)

Then, the game show host came on stage and called out three numbers to select three contestants. A young man was selected, then a middle-aged man, then the older man who didn't want to be there. (Notice these ranged from the less mature to the more mature) The three contestants were taken into a small room and told to wait there. The first contestant was brought out and given a card with three questions on it. (Notice that those in control supplied the questions. They didn't want to trip up their fake Jesuses.) Across from the contestant were three men. The object of the game was for the contestant to guess the REAL JESUS from among these. The contestant had one question he was to ask each Jesus. The contestant asked his question to each of the three Jesuses, then the game show host told him it was time to select the real Jesus. The contestant chose Jesus number one. Jesus number one jumped up and said, "You are right". Then the game show host told the contestant that he had won a new house. There was a lot of applause and music and celebration. (Everyone has a different Jesus that they chose for the sake of fleshly advantage, usually so they can continue in pet sins. This worldly Jesus always gets the applause of the worldly.) Contestant number one was led off the stage into the "winners' room" (I noticed this room was painted red on the inside) and told he had to wait there until the show was over.

Contestant number two was brought out and again he was given a card with three questions. He asked his three questions to each of the three Jesuses. He chose Jesus number two. Jesus number two jumped up and exclaimed, "You are right! " The game show host then told the contestant that he had won a beautiful, new shiny car. Again, there was much applause, music and celebration. Then, contestant number two was led to the the winners' room and told to stay there until the game was over. (In other words, whoever you chose is the true Jesus to you. This worldly contest put on by the forces of darkness represents the test to see who will follow antichrist, which is any other false Christ. "Anti" not only means "against", it means "in the place of".)

Then, contestant number three was led onto the stage and given his card. I noticed the contestant look at the questions first and then he looked up at each one of the three Jesuses. He had a look of distaste on his face and I could sense hesitation to even ask these the three questions. (The mature who respect the Word have come to recognize the real Jesus.) The game show host told him he was holding up the show and needed to ask the questions, so he did. When he finished asking the questions, the game show host asked him to pick the real Jesus. The old man sat there a minute, then he pointed to Jesus number one and said, "You can't be the real Jesus because you are dressed in OFF-WHITE and the real Jesus would not be dressed in off-white. Our Lord's garment is bright and shining". (The real Jesus believes and acts on true holiness. He does not wink at sin.) He then pointed to Jesus number two who was dressed in all black. The old man said, "You can't be the real Jesus because the REAL Jesus has no darkness in him". (And neither does a real disciple who recognizes darkness when he sees it.) He then pointed to Jesus number three who was dressed in off-white and black. He said, "You can't be the real Jesus because your garments are spotted. The real Jesus is spotless and without blemish". (Biblical discernment will save some from idolatry and destruction. The wise recognize and are hating even the garment spotted by the flesh {Jud.23}.)

The old man then turned and faced the TV camera and began to tell the people who were watching by television not to be deceived by these false Christs. ("The righteous are as bold as a lion".) The game show host ran over to the TV camera and tried to unplug it. When he got about a foot away, a bolt of lightning shot across the room and hit him and rolled him off the stage. Two men then came up and tried to take the old man off the stage. Again, lightning shot across the stage and hit those two men and threw them to the back of the room. The old man then focused on the audience; he told them to get out of the building quickly, lest any more of them get caught up in this evil deception. (Get out of the buildings of those who have an 'anything goes' Jesus. The mature Christians will get the Word of this deception out, despite attempts by the harlot and beast to stop them. God's power will see to it.)

The two men who had been hit by lightning ran over to the winners' room to get the two winners. They led them to a door that read "ONE WAY" in big black letters with a red arrow pointing down and told them they had to go through that door to get their rewards. (There is one way for the righteous and the wicked. Those who deny Jesus for fleshly rewards will get the rewards of the flesh.) The winners opened the door (I noticed the winners' opened the door and not those two men) and stepped into a large foyer. (No one can send you to hell for following antichrist but you.) They could hear laughter and music and were excited to claim their prizes. All of a sudden, the laughter and music stopped and the lights were turned off. The room filled with a sulfur-like stench and they had trouble trying to breathe the air. They tried to run back to the door to get out, but the door had disappeared; then, all of a sudden, the floor parted in the middle and they started falling down. Then I awoke from the dream. (Pro.14:12) There is a way which seemeth right unto a man; But the end thereof are the ways of death.

My thoughts: Unless we are filled with God's word and stay true to HIS word, we can be easily deceived and end up like contestants number one and two. We can be easily led away by false men and false doctrine. (Or have in our heart a false Jesus.) I know this for a fact, as it happened to me. I got caught up in the First Assembly of God and the "false revival movement" teaching there; then the Messianic Judaism false doctrine. I was so busy filling my days with idols that I didn't have enough of the WORD in me to protect me from my enemies. Only by the grace of God was I led away from these things. This dream made me more determined than ever to study God's word and to pray for understanding, wisdom and knowledge and to pray for discernment.

I can't stress enough how important it is for us to get God's Word deep into our hearts. There's so much deception out there and we MUST prepare ourselves.

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