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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Circuit Breaker Healed

Jack and Jane Sims - 03/30/2008

My wife, Jane, was fixing supper for our son, Joshua, and his family. I was drying clothes. All of a sudden, the stove and dryer quit working. I went outside in the rain to check my two breaker boxes. A 220 breaker was tripped and it would not hold in the on-position. I spent 30 minutes or more running in and out in the rain and finally decided that this was the breaker and it was bad.

It was getting late and we were running out of time to complete the meal before our kids got here. We were thinking we may have to cancel supper. My wife and I prayed that we would get the breaker fixed and would not have to cancel supper.

I took the breaker out and looked it over and decided there was no fixing this. My wife called Ace Hardware and I had about 20 minutes before they closed. I took the breaker to the only hardware store in town and the young salesman said they didn't have one. I said, "Are you sure"? He said yes. I thought, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. God has sent me here to get a circuit breaker. I thought, well, this is just like God. Supper is in and on the stove. Kids are on the way. Breaker breaks. Only hardware store in town is about to close. I get there in just the nick of time and God saves the day.

But it wasn't working out. I didn't want to hurt the young man's feelings but I asked him if he could get someone else over here to help us. He said sure and brought an older guy over. I thought, now we're cooking. I said to this guy, "I need a breaker. Do you have anything that would work?" He said no and that he had never seen a breaker like mine. I really wasn't surprised because our house is 90 years old. I asked the salesman to check my breaker, thinking we may be able to fix it. He said, "The breaker is worn out".

I walked out dejected. I felt defeated. On the way home, I asked the Lord, why is this happening? It seemed like God had answered our prayer when I had just enough time to get to the hardware store. The devil was definitely causing us problems. Seemed like God was not hearing us. I got home and told my wife. She was thinking about canceling supper. But one of us thought about crazy faith. We heard about a pastor's wife who prayed for an iPod that had been washed and broken for months and it started to work. Everyone in the church was calling that crazy faith. I don't really think that's crazy faith, but it got us to thinking about praying for something to be healed, other than our bodies.

Anyway, God is not a respecter of persons. If she can do it, we can, too. We prayed in agreement, according to Matthew 18:19 and I began to test the breaker. One side was working. Jane said, "The other side is going to work, also". I kept operating the switch and in a couple of minutes the breaker was healed. I operated the switch and it held. We began to shout and praise the Lord.

Now the next test of faith was I had to turn the breaker back off to put it back in the breaker box and then turn it back on and it not trip. My wife said as soon as I walked out the door she turned the stove back on. She had already put her faith into action, according to 2 Corinthians 5:7 and James 2:20. I turned the breaker off and put it back into the breaker box and turned it back on and it held. Supper was back on and God worked everything out perfectly. I didn't feel defeated any longer.

God wanted us to trust in Him and not a new breaker. Use your faith all the time. Hallelujah!!!

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