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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Acute Appendicitis Healed

Tom & Donna Aitken - 05/31/2008

Friday, May 30th, my 20-year-old daughter, Ashley, awoke with strong pain on the right side of her midsection. She stayed home from work and continued to feel worse, so she contacted our physician, a man of few words, strong in faith and wisdom. After carefully examining her, he did blood work to confirm her appendix was extremely diseased and ready to rupture. Her white count level was so high he sent her immediately around the corner to the hospital for a CT scan and to prep her while he lined up a surgeon. My wife asked the doctor if they should come back by the office if the test was negative. He just looked at her and said she didn't have to worry the about that, her appendix was bad and she would have surgery before the day was out. We met at the hospital, prayed for her while they prepared her for the tests, but she was clearly getting worse. We notified our small group and they collectively started to pray for her, the staff and us. The doctor advised us that it would be an hour for the oral suspension to set prior to the test, so I went home to collect her things and let out our dogs.

While driving, I was praying in the spirit and the Lord spoke to me, clearly stating that as leader of the family it was my responsibility to either believe in the wisdom of man or the completeness of Christ's death and Blood. When I arrived home I started pacing in the spirit and claimed the Blood over our family and her especially. Within 20 minutes the peace came over me and I knew it was prayed through, so I rushed back to the hospital. They had just taken her back, but I saw her as she was moved between rooms. Her appearance had changed and she was returning to normal, telling the nurse her opinion of hospitals and needles. When she returned from the test her color was normal and as she waited for the results she called her friends to see if they wanted to go out to dinner because she was sure she was just fine.

She was right. The test returned negative. She was immediately healed by the Blood of the Lamb! The doctor had no explanation.

Update 6/04/08: Our doctor called my cell yesterday to check on Ashley. He still couldn't believe she had not called him back with the same problem.

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