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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

... I See the Truth


I just had to email you and tell you what happened to me. I was on a search for God and never understood anything anyone taught. It was like something was missing. A friend sent me your site and I listened to Hidden Manna For the End Times. It was on part 2 when it hit me of who, where and what God was.

Oh my gosh. Thanks to your teaching, I now know that God lives in me. He is your faith and belief and I never knew that. This has changed everything. I see the truth and in some ways I always knew. I see things in the spiritual way instead of flesh. It is awesome. So amazing. I know what God is revealing to me, I just don't know where it is in the word. But I am learning. I have always questioned which bible is the most accurate. I would like to know what kind of bible you use?

Thanks for everything and may God bless you.

(Please refer to this regarding the American Standard Version Bible.)

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