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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healed of Multiple Sclerosis

Sue Schoney

I have to give testimony. As I explained to you, I had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Because of the nature of the disease, I would have a hard time getting the doctors to say that I was healed. So God used a different way! I have proof from the state.

Because of optic neuritis, scarring of the optic nerve, which according to my ophthalmologist nothing could be done for it. I had to wear corrective lenses as a restriction on my driver's license. In MI our licenses are renewed every 4 years. In 1999 I could not pass the eye exam without corrective lenses. Because of that I had a restriction on my driver's license. This year I went in to renew my license, when I was asked to do the eye test,

I asked if I could try it without my glasses on. To the clerk's surprise, and to my own surprise I read every letter without hesitation! I do not have restrictions on my new license. The clerk asked how that could happen? I had to smile, and say God did it.

The proof is my new license, under restrictions it says none. I can send you a copy of my 1999 license, and the new ones the state has given us proof of a miracle!

I am expecting complete healing and living in divine health. My husband is also studying with me; he has been healed from arthritis in his hips. He was not considered a surgical candidate because of a heart condition. He was told he would just have to live with it, they couldn't take the chance to do hip replacement on him. He can now walk any place he wants without pain. Praise God.

I forgot to tell you who my doctors are. They are Dr. Ram Garg, Neurologist Woodhaven, MI, Dr Rice Ophthalmologist, Westland MI. Dr Rahmani, Ophthalmologist Woodhaven, MI and Dr. Aggarwal Internal Medicine specialist Taylor, MI. I have not seen Dr. Garg since last year Feb of 2002 when I had an exacerbation of Multiple Sclerosis, he gave me IV steroids for 3 days, and prescribed Avonex shots for the ms. I haven't had a refill of Avonex since September 2002 and the company has dropped my prescription.

Medications I no longer take are -

Neurontin for trigeminal neuralgia
Mysoline for tremors
Elavil for mood elevators, and acetylcholine attacks
Urised for neurogenic bladder
Levisnex also for neurogenic bladder
Hytrin also for neurogenic bladder
Codeine #3 for trigeminal pain
Klonopin for spasticity Nexium for excessive acid due to scarring on the vegus nerve
Esgic for pain
Mirapex for sleep disorders
Zanaflex for spasticity
Avonex for exacerbations
Glucovance for adult onset diabetes

I no longer have to cathertize myself!! I do not wear my foot brace that I have worn for over 11 years!! I have also lost over 40 lbs due to fasting since last summer.

When my sister died I did take the Elavil for 2 days to help with the depression and to sleep. But the rest of the prescription is still here as are all the others, last time they were refilled was in December 2002 when I saw Dr Aggarwal, for the trigeminal nerve, that was healed with communion, The Elavil and Klonipin were refilled at the same time, but the levisinex and the rest were last filled in September 2002.

The only problem I had with any symptom of multiple sclerosis since not taking the medication was with the trigeminal nerve, which I believe was a satanic attack, it came at the time when my sister was at her worse, and needed us. If I had not been fasting and going to healing school, the other symptoms probably would have come back too. But they didn't, not the spasticity, not the diabetes, not the excessive stomach acid, or the bladder spasms.

When the trigeminal pain was at its worse, I took 3 doses of the pain killer, and it didn't phase the pain. I was up all night; the doctor had told me if the codeine didn't work he could give me stronger vicadin. I didn't need it as you will see, I told my husband that I was going to lay down and wait for the last dose of codeine to wear off, and when I got up we would take communion for healing.

The healing was so fast that it even surprised me. I usually have to stand against pain and tough it out. We keep the elements for communion in the bottom of the cupboard, when I got up I began to get the elements out. When I bent over the pain in my face throbbed. Trigeminal Neuralgia is one of the severest pains known to doctors. It felt like I had a toothache in every tooth on the left side of my face, and deep into my left ear if you can imagine.

We examined ourselves, and remembered the price that was paid for us. Blessed the bread and ate, we did the same with the wine. I no sooner took a sip when the pain stopped immediately! I haven't had any pain since!

We have a Bible study here at home, I have told everyone about this, including my email prayer group, and God has truly been good to us. I haven't been back to any doctor since then, except the orthopedic who took my cast off. Usually I tell my physicians about what God has done for me, (the heart attacks is a prime example) they will smile, and give mental assent, say something like "well he's the best healer". And think to themselves and sometimes voice it out loud that is "the nature of the disease".

This is not "the nature of the disease" The healing from the heart attacks was not the nature of the disease.

Pain that is not controlled by medication does not go away in an instant. People who are sent home to die from a heart attack do not go back to school without medications, without oxygen now, and without pain. Optic nerves do not heal themselves, especially when an ophthalmologist and a neuro ophthalmology specialist said that they could do absolutely nothing for the double vision, or the decreased visual acuity other than giving stronger glasses, but the damage was permanent, and irreversible, and would worsen over time because of demyelization of the optic nerve.

As I said the state gave me proof that my eyes have improved. This. With scarring on the optic nerve and restrictions on my driver's license in 1999. Eyes do not improve in 4 years, if anything, they get worse. I have no restrictions on this 2003 license. None. no corrective lenses absolutely no restrictions! If the optic nerve scarring is healed then the scarring on the other nerves is healed. I cannot afford to listen to the physicians anymore, the disease is satanic, and I will not allow it back.

Thank you so much for the healing school. My husband and I are going through the lessons again. As I told you he has not had any problems with his hips since we started studying, he has a diagnosis of Coronary artery disease, diabetes, and burgher's disease. It is only a matter of time before all of these diseases are healed too. We go through the scriptures, and the lessons. We are also praying scriptures over ourselves daily. Praise God He is good! His mercy endures forever. My only grief is that my sister didn't know that God wanted her well too, but I have consolation and joy that we will see each other again around His throne.

It is only a matter of time before all of these diseases are healed too. We go through the scriptures, and the lessons. We are also praying scriptures over ourselves daily. Praise God He is good! His mercy endures forever.

My only grief is that my sister didn't know that God wanted her well too, but I have consolation and joy that we will see each other again around His throne.

I will keep you updated as healing continues.

I want to thank you for healing school. I will live to see miracles in these last days, as they were when Jesus walked the earth. Time is short. God wants to show himself strong.

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