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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Hidden Manna For The End Times
by David Eells (in progress)

These are some of the most important revelations you will ever receive. They will save lives from the strong delusion of the traditions of men that are deceiving the multitudes of God's people.

  • Hidden Manna (Main page)

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All of these audios can be ordered for free ?page=freestuff.     A DVD with a .flv (flash) versions of the videos can also be ordered.

To download, right-click an audio or video link and select "Save Link As..."

Click here to download all the verses presented in these audios (.doc).

Hidden Manna For the End Times - Volume 1
2002-2003 - by David Eells

The Church and Tribulation (2:21:17)     [ Audio | Video ]

The speaker has been receiving Word of Knowledge and Wisdom concerning end time happenings for 30 years. In these audios you will hear absolute Biblical proof whether the Church will go through tribulation. You will understand the difference between the tribulation and the wrath. Relative to the tribulation you will understand when the coming of the Lord and when the day of the Lord is. Also relative to the tribulation you will understand when America will be destroyed and when there will be a corporate fulfillment of the Psalm 91 Passover. Types and shadows from the days of Noah, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of Tabernacles, Marriage Feast, and the time of Israel in Egypt, the wilderness, and the Promised Land will give backup proof.

Hidden Prophecies of the End Times (2:42:11)     [ Audio | Video ]

Learn of hidden prophecies of the end time in the Gospels and Acts. See how ancient fathers give prophecies of their corporate seed in the end time. Learn how Jesus is coming in His people before coming in the clouds, an Epiphany before a Parousia. See how the fantastic ministry of Jesus and His disciples will once again be seen on the earth through the man-child and the two witnesses. Learn how that the ministry of Moses, Joseph, and Jesus were a type of the man-child's ministry. Learn from the speaker what he was shown in vision about the man-child being caught up to the throne of God.

Wilderness Living Now (2:40:57)     [ Audio | Video ]

Get prepared for what is coming. The speaker was told by the Lord many years ago, "I am bringing you through a wilderness so that you can tell my people that I still supply there". Hear testimonies of God's miraculous provisions to the speaker of food and gasoline multiplied; of miracle healings and miracle protection. Learn how to receive provision, healing, deliverance, and holiness from God. Hear how to live in the wilderness now to become God's first-fruits in the tribulation. Learn how to keep the New Testament spiritual Sabbath Rest and see God's miracles when help from man is impossible.

Hidden Manna For the End Times - Volume 2
2003 - by David Eells

This is new information that will be shocking to prophecy students. David is speaking on an outline of end-time happenings that was given to him through the word of knowledge and word of wisdom. These revelations will help you to see the true sign posts which should dictate our actions. As in Jesus' day, so in ours, tradition is blinding God's people to things that are already happening under their noses. David reveals the deception that will cause the great falling away. He explains the Beast Covenant and with whom it is made. Understand the true fulfillment of the seventieth week of Daniel. This is real eye-opening to prophecy students. Those who will receive the Mark of the Beast among God's people are already marked in the spirit. Learn how to be delivered from this spiritual mark. Overcomers are also being marked with God's mark in the spirit. Learn how you can receive the mark of God. Learn what, according to the Word, the Image of the Beast is, and who can have an abomination of desolation. Dreams and visions will also give evidence. He speaks on the truth concerning the Son of Perdition and the Two Witnesses, and on the timing of the tribulation and Fall of America.

The Beast Covenant, Mark, Image, Abomination, and Son of Perdition (2:44:02)     [ Audio | Video ]

The Abomination, Son of Perdition, Mark, Two Witnesses, and Q & A (2:10:00)     [ Audio | Video]

Hidden Manna For the End Times - Volume 3
2004 - 2005 by David Eells

The emcee of these conference teachings had this to say about them:

Excitement will fill your spirit as the Spirit of Truth speaking through David answers questions you have searched years to find. You will be glued to your TV as you watch this video over and over again.

David has earned the right, through research and the consecration of his life, to get most of the pieces of the End-times Bible prophecy puzzle. I believe God has shown him the secrets prophecy students have been seeking for years!

I highly recommend this video.

David is speaking on the Fall of America and Rise of the Saints. He uses much scripture along with revelations given to him through the word of knowledge and word of wisdom along with other well known prophecies. What does the Bible and prophecy say? Was it written that the fall of America be delayed? Until exactly when in relation to the tribulation? Will America rule the world until then? Will America bring persecution to the saints? What nations will America bring under subjection? Will America create the image of the beast? Will the terrorist strikes continue? Who is really behind them? Will the world unite to destroy America? Why? Will rebellious "Christians" lead a civil war against America, bringing persecution to the true saints? Will the saints see the destruction of America? How will God supernaturally protect His saints? How can we be among those who are protected? What authority will they demonstrate in this world? Exactly when will they escape? How will the Lord start a civil war in the one world order? When will the Lord come for His saints?

Fall of America; Rise of the Saints (1) (2:21:07)     [ Audio | Video ]

Fall of America; Rise of the Saints (2) (2:35:28)     [ Audio | Video ]

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