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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Boy's Salvation Begins Revival


On November 27, this incredible event happened below. This is the very night on UBBS that you spoke of "The Stadium Effect". Also, you said the reason we are here is to "feed the sheep". And you said, "It will take training to see God's power". WOW, what an incredible night... and it continues with the rippling effect of that incident. The Stadium Effect!!

I work at a Psychiatric Hospital for physically and psychologically abused children from the ages of 10-18. We get the worst of the worst kids. One step away from prison. Hardcore gang members and such. Well, last Sunday, one of the boys (15 years old) pounded a 2 inch nail into his neck while in seclusion. He attempted suicide. He and 6 others boys had been in seclusion over the Thanksgiving holidays for attempting a riot on the unit. Anyway, the boys had nothing to do, so I went into a storage room one night, and found 4 boxes of Bibles several days before this incident. I gave the boys the Bibles, and every night I would give them scriptures, and verses to memorize before Eddy pounded himself with the nail. Well anyway, when he was found in his room, he could not breathe. I started CPR, and positioned his neck so the nail would put the least pressure on his trachea. The entire time I was working on him, I was praying out loud for the Lord to save him. I made him look at me, and I would yell at him to understand, THAT THE LORD WAS GOING TO PROTECT HIM FROM HARM! I would make him LOOK at me in agreement. This is the only thing that he did understand. He would go in and out of consciousness, but he would look me right in the eye and nod that he understood this. At one point he said, "I am sorry God!" I thought he would die when the EMT ambulance came to get him. I did not think he would make it. And do you know what happened?? He told everyone when he got to the hospital that the Lord had saved him, and forgiven him for everything that he had done in his life. The EMTs said that he was having a difficult time breathing in the ambulance, and all of a sudden he started breathing normally and he relaxed. When the x-ray was done at the hospital, they said that the nail had miraculously missed his larynx, esophagus, jugular vein, and carotid artery. However on our unit, he was losing consciousness, his heart rate was a rapid 160, and his blood pressure was falling, indicating shock, and internal bleeding or loss of air. I am the night supervisor, and only nurse on duty in the evenings.

Anyway, when Eddy arrived back to the unit the next day, he HAD CHANGED!! All he wanted to do was read his Bible, and he wanted me there to teach him the Bible constantly!! He was preaching to everyone!! He told them that he no longer felt sad or depressed. That the Lord had forgiven him, and he felt light, like a thousand pounds had been lifted off him. Well, needless to say, all the psychiatrists do not believe him and say he is manipulating. But everyone who sees him everyday knows that he has changed. WOW, what a miracle. And this miracle has affected everyone in the hospital, from the kids to the employees. Many people are asking me to pray for them, and the subject of God is coming alive at the hospital. I am praying the Lord uses this miracle to open the door for these poor broken and abused children. I am doing my best to feed the hungry ones, but as you know, the enemy does not like this. So please pray for the hospital for these children. It is called "Desert Springs". And especially pray for Eddy Weir, Clint and Calvin. Clint and Calvin are employees there and are very hungry sheep. I have given them some of David's material and they are very grateful and love the Lord!! There are so many lost and hungry sheep here in the U.S.

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