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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

I Am on My Cross

Alissa - 04/06/2004

Hi. I wanted to let you know that my husband has finally received his book in prison, Sovereign God, For Us and Through Us. I wanted to share with you his excitement and what he had to say...it starts out:

Hey guess what? Yep, husband got that book! And it is awesome!

He then goes on to say: I am so beside myself with this book. Its hard to put down and makes me think all day long. When I started reading it, I read the part where he says that preachers always use the scriptures to interpret what they want. Well I got to tell you wife this author hit the nail on the head if you know what I mean and as I read I see he followed through and when he quoted versus they weren't mixed or re-arranged and I so feel I am getting it straight up you know. This book excites me honey and its very comfortable and trustful to read and makes complete sense to me. I have it here sitting next to me and I keep catching myself looking to make sure its still there! Weird huh! this book seems to represent my lifetime of always being confused because of the way people mixed and rearranged things in the bible to suit their own gain and message, and it always made me feel like I was being duped but this book seems to recognize and speaks out about that and this man that wrote this book is very insightful and gifted and is being very straight with his spiritual beliefs and Faith in God and is truly following the scriptures as they are and not adding or taking away from it. He's being totally real and honest. I feel like I have some honest help in understanding and enlightenment from this man and that he is a good example to follow you know. I just have a lot of respect for that man and this book. I feel really good reading it and have faith in what he has to say and share along the way as I read you know. It is so cool to read a whole scripture or set of verses without something that doesn't belong there. A truer message and understanding is more reachable and conceivable and easier to group and apply to your life without all the human effort to gain personal views or should I say personal values of one person spread to whole by piecing different verses to gain personal opinions and values. Ain't no doubt I am on my cross right now wife and the vessel of dishonor did God's will and He called me you know. The whole vessel of honor and dishonor makes complete sense to me and I see the true purpose of evil but understand how lucky I am to receive the gift of God to be chosen. I love this book and I feel so grateful right now and content.

I wanted to share this with you because you helped me get him that book...I would like for you to pass this on to Mr. Eells...and let him know this is from a man that is wrongfully charged and is in prison completely innocent of what he is accused of. And this is from a man that attempted to take his own life on July 28th, 2003 and receiving over 200 stitches in both arms and survived only by the grace of God.

Thank you very much. Thank you


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