World Covenant and End-Time Ministries

Amos Scaggs - 03/04/2007
(David's notes in red)

I saw a bust figure of two breasts covered up with an angora goat hide and over that was another material used to secure everything in place. I thought the breasts were bound up for a time when they would be used for feeding. An angora hide is set apart from all others being considerably more expensive.

The angora hide without its body represents the old man who is dead and now a person of great value. This hide now hinders two witnesses who share the milk of the kingdom and are an extension of the man-child ministry. The true milk of the Word is permitted to be hindered by the old goat until God's anointing breaks the yoke to release it to the multitudes. According to scriptural type, this will be when the tribulation has come. But David and Moses, as types of the man-child, fed and defended those few sheep in the wilderness before coming to their greater, kingdom ministry to the multitudes of God's people.

There was a poster graph scale with 10 men's faces on it. There were nine men in place on the chart and colored in with black. The tenth man's silhouette was in white at first glance. There was a disagreement/struggle between two people when to put the 10th man on the chart. Then the tenth man was put on the chart and half of his face colored in with black to satisfy the others. I thought the men represented a period of time before completion. What ever that period of time is, it is very short.

This could be the time when Jesus will start to feed his people through the Man-child.

10 men's faces represent the 10 kings of the world continental divisions of the beast kingdom. One-half face could be the time until the beast covenant is completed at the beginning of the tribulation and the man-child/witnesses begin to feed the milk to the young church on a worldwide basis.