Work in the Name of Jesus

Lakeisha Davis - 10/26/2014

I accidentally left the thermostat in the rotisserie oven in the deli at Walmart and it got cooked and the whole screen turned back. We laughed about it but then I said, "I'm going to put it in the cooler".

And a coworker jokingly mocked, saying that sounded like a good idea. I said, "Really?" They said no. I said, "I'm going to put it in there anyway". But I was secretly planning on praying.

So I went in the cooler and, looking at the black screen, I said, "Work, in the name of Jesus". And I watched as the ink quickly pulled back up after I commanded it the second time. And it was still a little blurry, so I commanded again and the whole screen was cleared up and working properly. Praise God!

This probably took less than five minutes; then I went back out front and said it worked. And my coworkers we're surprised and thought it was cool. I told them I prayed over it. It was quiet but my coworkers respectfully nodded their heads.