White Horse Rider/Man-child

Ryan Kwasnica - 05/13/2008

Back in 1997 the Lord gave me a dream. It was nighttime and I saw stars in the sky with beams of light coming down on the heads of people who were coming together in a large gathering. I looked up at the stars in the sky again and I saw a rider on a white horse with a bow in His hand. I knew thatthis rider on the white horsesomehow represented Christ.

Then, onSeptember 23, 2004 I had a dream where Iheard a voice that said, "Tell My people, 'Get ready, My woe church is coming'. Write the vision down so that My people may run".

I was young in the Lord and was not sure what to make of the first dream, so I put it on the shelf. In October of 2007 a man that I knew who I saw in my dream died, and I was reminded of this dream again.Then, at the beginning of this year -- 2008 -- I 'stumbled upon'UnleavenedBreadMinistries.org.I began to see thatthiswhite horse rider/woe church symbolized the Man-child ministry whichis to come.