We Refused the Bad Report

April Fields - 10/23/2008

We are praising our Lord and Savior for the healing of the unborn daughter of my great niece, Heather. She has been struggling with doctors insisting that her baby will be born with abnormalities and a hole in her heart, pressing her to have a dangerous test run toconfirm their diagnosis. She has refused and we asked for prayer forher.

Last Sunday, in our home church, we laid hands on Heather's belly and prayed for the baby to be healed. Yesterday, Heather was looked at by the baby heart specialist who could find nothing wrong. In fact, he was somewhat angry and defensive about what he believed he saw when he had examined her several weeks ago. Even with the clear evidence in front of him he still wanted Heather to have the dangerous test. Of course, Heather had already accepted the healing and knew not to be bullied.

Heather is a new Christian herself and this was such anamazing testimony to her.

How great is our Lord!

Update 1/12/09:

The baby has been born completely healthy and we give thanks to the Lord. Her name is Alayla Grace White.