Water Leak Fixed By the Lord

Michael Hare - 05/27/2009

Greetings, in the name of the Lord. I wanted to share with you the goodness of the Lord and that He takes care of seemingly small matters, as well as the big ones.

I have had a water leak underneath my deep sink in my shop for a few days now. Yesterday, I took off the covers from around the sink to see if I could fix it. It's in a very tight place and I would have to take the sink out to fix it. The thought came to me to pray and allow the Lord to fix it for me. I commanded that leak to be fixed and went on to work.

When I came in last night, there was no water standing in the floor. Praise God! This morning, when I came over to my office (in the shop) to make coffee, still no water in the floor.Hallelujah to the Lamb!

God is so good to us, even to the point of taking care of the little things for us.