War Is Threatening ... Let's Pray

[ audio ]

Russia is on a clear path for preparing for a nuclear war with the West. The US government is getting the US into a war with Russia, and Russia is getting their country ready for a nuclear war with the West, while at the same timehere in the US the New Media is quiet.

[ dead link | https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/2176 ] Russia is putting 40 Million Citizens into 5,000 Shelters from October 4 - 7 as a Military "Exercise" while the U.S. Cuts Ties with Russia over Syria

[ dead link | https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/2178 ] Nationwide Russian TV Service "Zvezda" Warns Russians "nuclear war with the West could happen soon"

I have heard for years from dreams and visions of a limited nuclear exchange taking out a few cities on each side. It's time to pray against this and for the truth to be known. This war would stop the election and serve the cause of militant Islam in taking down their enemies. Let us start praying.