Urinary Tract Infection Healed

Phillip Patton - 02/20/2009

This happened back on March 5, 2005. I had come down with some kind of urinary tract infection, which I'd never had before, and it was BAD. Definitely the sickest I'd ever been.I won't go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that I thought I was dying, and it wasn't a bad prospect. I was really miserable.

We've never gone to doctors much, and I was not getting any better, and we had been watching the Hidden Manna DVDs, so we decided to call David andaskhim topray with my parents for me. As soon as he did that, I threw up and started getting better right away.

It took a few more days for it to clear up completely, but I never did take antibiotics or drugs. Hallelujah!